House- to-House Bat­tle in Shin­gal

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Pesh­merga forces are fight­ing house-to-house bat­tles with the Is­lamic State in Shin­gal at­tempt­ing to cut off the mil­i­tants’ sup­ply line with heavy ar­tillery.

Kur­dish forces have for­ti­fied their po­si­tions on Mount Shin­gal it­self and a num­ber of hills around the Yezidi town, cap­tured by ISIS in Au­gust. They have also dug trenches pro­tected with sand bags fac­ing the town.

“The mil­i­tants fire back daily and hope to push the Pesh­merga forces to re­treat,” said a com­man­der on the edge of the town. “But we will keep fight­ing un­til we clear ev­ery house,” he added.

Bahram Arif Yaseen, who is a com­man­der in Shin­gal, said that ISIS at­tacked Pesh­merga in Shin­gal three times last Mon­day, but all the at­tacks were con­fronted by the Kur­dish forces.

Ac­cord­ing to Yaseen, Pesh­merge started bom­bard­ing ISIS last Tues­day and killed an ISIS leader in Te­laafer, who was known as Abu Fal­lah Talaa­fari.

On the same day, ISIS launched a car bomb at­tack, but it was det­o­nated by Pesh­merga be­fore reach­ing the Kur­dish fight­ers.

To re­lieve the pres­sure on its forces in Shin­gal, sev­eral times over the past two weeks ISIS has launched failed at­tacks with car bombs and tanks on the Pesh­merga in the Gwer-Makhmour area.

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