Kur­dish Film Re­view: Bekhal's Tears

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"Bekhal's Tears" is a stun­ning 84-minute Kur­dish fea­ture film di­rected, writ­ten, and pro­duced by Lauand Omar in Iraq. The film stars Ozzie Aziz and Aware Xan and was re­leased in March, 2006. The movie re­volves around the main character Bekhal, a Kur­dish fe­male who lives in a small vil­lage in Kur­dis­tan.

Bekhal was ab­sorbed with the dream and goal of at­tend­ing univer­sity but her par­ents on the other hand were ada­ment on her mar­ry­ing her cousin Sh­wan. Bekhal lived in the time in which Sadaam Huis­sen's reign only re­cently ended and the state of the coun­try was left in ru­ins- both po­lit­i­cally and pys­i­cally- so it was not a good time to live in Kur­dis­tan. Added to the fact that Bekhal was a strong, in­de­pen­dent woman who had views that op­posed her fam­ily's and fu­ture fiance, her fa­mil­ial di­vi­sions only in­creased. Things de­finetly take a turn for the worse when Bekhal is raped, forced to bear the "shame" that she sup­pos­edly brought down on her fam­ily as her fam­ily so claims.

"Bekhal's Tears" is a beau­ti­ful film that takes us through a jour­ney of an av­er­age woman's life dur­ing an op­pressed and shat­tered Kur­dis­tan after the war- a time where sex­ism and cruel tra­di­tions are very much real.

H.G. Has­san

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