Min­istry of Agri­cul­ture dis­trib­uted 22, 600 tons of bar­ley to stock­men.

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By: N. M. Mo­ham­mad

Min­istry of Agri­cul­ture and Wa­ter Re­sources dis­trib­utes bar­ley to stock­men as a support at half of the mar­ket price. This year 22 thou­sand and 600 tons of bar­ley have been dis­trib­uted in two stages.

Ab­dulxaleq Ab­dulqader, Di­rec­tor of An­i­mal Re­sources in Hewler said that the bar­ley that has been ded­i­cated this year for the stock­men is in­suf­fi­cient. He stated that due to this short­age they have not been able to give bar­ley to those stock­men that also have cat­tle.

Mr. Ab­dulxaleq, also said that they make plans for fod­der needs in ac­cor­dance with the in­creas­ing num­ber of an­i­mals ev­ery year. How­ever, due to the bud­get deficit the Min­istry can only pro­vide 5 to 7 ki­los of bar­ley to each head of an­i­mal this year. This amount is quite in­ad­e­quate be­cause it cov­ers the need for only few days but has a great im­pact on low­er­ing the mar­ket prices of the fod­der.

Faruq Ali, Di­rec­tor of Crop Pro­duc­tion in the Min­istry of Agri­cul­ture, who is re­spon­si­ble for buy­ing bar­ley from the farm­ers, an­nounced that buy­ing bar­ley was done in two stages: in the first stage which was in Septem­ber, 14,000 tons of bar­ley were bought for farm­ers and in the sec­ond stage 8,600 were bought and dis­trib­uted.

Ac­cord­ing to the Min­istry’s statis­tics, there are more than 5 mil­lion and 743 thou­sand goats, sheep and cat­tle in Kur­dis­tan. Mr. Faruq also said that the Min­istry of Com­mer­cial Af­fairs of Iraq used to pur­chase the crops. How­ever, last year Iraq gave this re­spon­si­bil­ity to the Min­istry of Agri­cul­ture which in turn was not ready to pro­vide for the Kur­dish Re­gion as well.

Stock­men say that the Min­istry of Agri­cul­ture has pro­vided 5 ki­los and 500 grams of bar­ley for each an­i­mal head at half the mar­ket price. How­ever, the amount is very lit­tle. From Novem­ber un­til March there are not green pas­tures. Fod­der is given to the cat­tle and each one eats at least one kilo per day, there­fore, they ask for at least low­er­ing the mar­ket prices.

In Er­bil Gover­norate,

the Min­istry pro­vides 7,100 tons for cat­tle while 62,000 tons are needed.

The Di­rec­tor of An­i­mal Re­sources in Hewler said that at the mo­ment due to the bud­get deficit the gov­ern­ment can­not pro­vide enough bar­ley to the farm­ers. The gov­ern­ment’s du­ties right now is to sys­tem­ize the projects and to keep the mar­ket prices low. He also stated that the stock­men should de­pend on them­selves at this stage. One so­lu­tion that can help is for each stock­man, who has 200 to 300 cat­tle, to plant 100 acres of bar­ley and ded­i­cate the pro­duc­tion for their own cat­tle needs which is what the other gov­er­norates do.

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