The Kur­dish Painter Daniel Qassab (1913 – 2000)

The Kurdish Globe - - NEWS - By Ashti Garmiyani

Daniel Qassab is a well­known Kur­dish painter. In ad­di­tion to paint­ing, he worked as an art teacher in dif­fer­ent schools. He was born in 1913 and died in the year 2000. He was very much in­ter­ested in his job as in his fa­vorite car­rier. He raised many art teach­ers who held his torch and con­tin­ued the mission of their inspiring teacher.

Daniel Qassab was a Jewish. His stu­dents in­cluded fa­mous per­son­al­i­ties like Bapeer Pir­dawd, Jawad Ra­sul, Naji Fuaad and the fa­mous poet Dil­dar. At the same time, he was one of the pain­ters that his bound­aries of work tres­passed Hawler. For ex­am­ple, in 1941 he went to Bagh­dad and co­op­er­ated with (Friends of Art) and Red Cross, and show­cased his works in the city. In 1948, he be­came a teacher at the In­sti­tute of Fine Arts in Bagh­dad. But dur­ing the 1950s, he was de­ported to Is­rael be­cause of his re­li­gious ori­gin.

The artist shifts from a nat­u­ral into a well de­vel­oped aca­demic painter af­ter he com­pletes his stud­ies at the In­sti­tute of Fine Arts. Not only paint- ing, but he de­signed many back­ground dec­o­ra­tions for the plays which were shown in Hawler. Among his fa­mous works are: Hawler Citadel, Ubaid vil- lage’s chief­tain, and Choli Minaret.

If we take a look at his works, Qassab treated his work much real­is­ti­cally, es­pe­cially in his land- scape paint­ings and the Kur­dish clothes. It seems that the re­al­is­tic school of art wel­comed by peo­ple be­cause they could eas­ily un­der­stand it. That’s why Qassab’s works have been ap­pre­ci­ated by so many. The Choli Minaret is one of the ex­am­ples of Qassab’s works.Daniel had good con­tacts with his fel­low artists. He had re­la­tions with those artists and stu­dents who were in Bagh­dad as well.

The form in his works was in­spired by the Kur­dish cul­ture and an­cient sites, as it could be seen in his draw­ings of Hawler Citadel, Choli Minaret. And in na­ture, he’s di­rectly trans­formed the moun­tains of Kur­dis­tan, vil­lages and the daily ac­tiv­i­ties of vil­lagers to his draw­ings in an aca­demic man­ner. Por­trait paint­ing was also one of the im­por­tant themes of Qassab’s works.

Re­mem­ber­ing the name of the Kur­dish painter Daniel Qassab has its spe­cial im­por­tance for the his­tory of Kur­dish paint­ing in South­ern Kur­dis­tan.

Drawing of Er­bil Citadel – Daniel Qassab

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