PKK fighters mis­lead Yezidi chil­dren

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Many Kur­dish Yezidis left their homes and re­sorted to Mount Shin­gal fear­ing from the Is­lamic State fighters' threats. Now the peo­ple are mad at the mis­be­hav­ior of Kur­dis­tan Work­ers Party (PKK) fighters who kid­nap the Yezidi chil­dren and use them as new re­cruits.

The Kur­dish Yezidi women say that the PKK fighters de­ceived their chil­dren. They have kid­napped them to use them as new sol­diers. This is con­sid­ered as a big crime com­mit­ted against the Yezidi fam­i­lies.

Ac­tivists be­lieve that there is still hope for the re­turn of those chil­dren who have been cap­tured by IS fighters, but there is no ray of hope for the re­turn of the mis­led chil­dren by PKK fighters.

Nado Kochik, a Kur­dish woman, said PKK fighters have ex­ploited the dif­fi­cult con­di­tions the Yezidi peo­ple are living in; they have started tempt­ing the chil­dren to go with them and carry guns.

"This is a big crime be­cause those who are tempted by the PKK fighters are all un­der 18 years old. We as Shin­gail peo­ple and Kur­dish Yezidis are against this be­hav­ior. We see no dif­fer­ences be­tween the be­hav­ior of IS and PKK fighters," di- vulged Kochik

Hadiya Kha­laf, an­other refugee from Shin­gal, said the PKK fighters do not kill time by talk­ing to grown-up peo­ple be­cause they know they can do noth­ing with grown-up peo­ple.

Laz­ima Yousif, a women ac­tivist, said the fam­i­lies of kid­napped chil­dren are living in a bad psy­cho­log­i­cal con­di­tion be­cause they know their chil­dren have been mis­led and tempted. "To tell the truth, there is no hope for the re­turn of those chil­dren who are con­trolled by PKK fighters be­cause their brains have been washed."

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