Fight­ing back ex­trem­ism in a fluid se­cu­rity en­vi­ron­ment

The Kurdish Globe - - SPORT NEWS - By Nabaz Khosh­naw

with­out ever get­ting rid of the prob­lem per se. While many feel safer to see more po­lice on the streets; how­ever, this is a wor­ry­ing sign of a mount­ing is­sue and los­ing con­trol.

The role of tech­nol­ogy and move­ment of per­son­nel will make it im­pos­si­ble to iso­late Kur­dis­tan from the sur­round­ing global is­sues, namely ex­trem­ism. To ad­dress ex­trem­ism in a tra­di­tional method the gov­ern­ment will tar­get lo­cals in­volved in the mat­ter. But this will not change the ide­ol­ogy be­hind ex­trem­ism nor the sys­tem that al­lowed re­cruit­ment. It is im­por­tant to un­der­stand that the prob- lem with ex­trem­ism is not the peo­ple in­volved in it, but the ide­ol­ogy be­hind it. To put it sim­ply, ideas are both bul­let­proof and tran­scen­dent to any con­trol method.

Ex­trem­ists in Kur­dis­tan op­er­ate in a sub­tle way in so­ci­ety and pol­i­tics de­ceiv­ing cit­i­zens by us­ing a lan­guage that gets to emo­tions, es­pe­cially when peo­ple are vul­ner­a­ble due to any sort of cri­sis. Fur­ther­more, hav­ing funded in­sti­tu­tions that can be ex­ploited to preach ex­trem­ism is ma­jor bonus. Ex­trem­ists can tar­get ed­u­cated peo­ple through schools as well since the ed­u­ca­tional sys­tem still has loop­holes that can be eas­ily ex­ploited.

To counter ex­trem­ism Kur­dis­tan has to step up and stop fund­ing any in­sti­tu­tions or ed­u­ca­tional pro­grams that might be abused by ex­trem­ists. In ad­di­tion to th­ese lib­eral ide­olo­gies and lib­er­als must be em­pow­ered in or­der to re­store a nat­u­ral so­cial bal­ance be­tween con­flict­ing ide­olo­gies. To deny ex­trem­ists a so­cial en­vi­ron­ment with no com­pe­ti­tion is the cor­rect way to fight this emerg­ing and sen­si­tive prob­lem.

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