A de­ci­sive war against Houthis has be­gun

The Kurdish Globe - - NEWS - By Gazi Has­san

The Saudi war­planes sud­denly started mil­i­tary op­er­a­tions against the Houthis in Ye­men for fear of over­run­ning Eden by them and the sup­port­ers of the ousted pres­i­dent Ali Ab­dul­lah Salih, who is backed by Iran. This would have been a di­rect threat to Saudi Ara­bia which then would be sur­rounded by Iran and its satel­lite coun­tries. In the first re­ac­tion, Wash­ing­ton de­cided to pro­vide lo­gis­tic and in­tel­li­gence sup­port to Saudi Ara­bia to de­fend Hadi Ab­dRabo Man­sor’s gov­ern­ment. Turkey said Saudi Ara­bia has pro­vided them with in­for­ma­tion about the op­er­a­tion, which in­di­cates that both coun­tries are ir­ri­tated and con­cerned about the widen­ing po­lit­i­cal po­si­tion of Iran and Shi­itizm in the Mid­dle East.

The Gulf coun­tries are back­ing Saudi Ara­bia and Hadi. Egypt takes part in the op­er­a­tion and Su­dan has an­nounced that its war­planes have taken part in the op­er­a­tion against Houthis as well. Bri­tain and the West are also sup­port­ing the op­er­a­tions.

The edi­tor-in chief of Lon­don-based Al-Sharq Al-Awsat news­pa­per, Tariq Hu­maidi, says “some days ago, I wrote that it’s a mis­take to in­ter­vene in Ye­men mil­i­tar­ily, be­cause it is Iran that should sink to the bot­tom, not the Gulf.” The fire of a great war is ig­nited . What’s now hap­pen­ing is a proxy war. Iran wants to keep its dis­tance. It tries to move the lines of war and clashes away to other coun­tries. Saudi Ara­bia also has fears that the Sunni Iraq is lost to the Shi­ites; and Iran con­trol­ling Ye­men too would lead to the loss of ev­ery op­por­tu­nity to a po­lit­i­cal agree­ment by which the in­flu­ence of the Is­lamic Repub­lic in the re­gion would be limited and cur­tailed.

Many peo­ple say this is an Ot­toman-Safawi’s war, the war be­tween Sunni and Shia. This is by all means a se­ri­ous war that in­volves many ac­tors.

Fall of Ye­men, of course, means fall of the tran­quil bor­ders of Saudi Ara­bia.

The US in­ter­ests have been tar­geted by both ISIS and Houthis, who are in di­rect col­li­sion with the USA. Mean­while, the US has come un­der stormy crit­i­cism and pres­sures both na­tion­ally and re­gion­ally as a re­sult of the pol­icy Pres­i­dent Obama is adopt­ing in the Mid­dle East.

The events are get­ting more dra­matic. A great and se­ri­ous war is go­ing to oc­cur. This time, the war will be waged with highly tech­no­log­i­cally de­vel­oped weapons. It’s the ex­ten­sion of the pre­vi­ous World Wars that changed the world. I think that bor­ders will be changed; Rus­sia and its iso­lated al­lies will be tar­geted. And the US can­not de­stroy ISIS ter­ror­ists and Houthis from dis­tance, as the in­sur­gents are living in­side homes and sa­cred places of Sun­nis and Shi­ias.

The Mid­dle East needs an ide­o­log­i­cal pros­per­ity and a mod­ern in­tel­lec­tu­al­ism in which reli­gion and state must be sep­a­rated. The rad­i­cal groups should be fought ide­o­log­i­cally and cul­tur­ally. Rad­i­cal­ism in reli­gion, pol­i­tics and so­ci­ety should be chal­lenged, in ad­di­tion to cor­rup­tion, un­em­ploy­ment and il­lit­er­acy.

This war is started to stop the catas­tro­phes. It may bring even big­ger catas­tro­phes in­stead. Iran backs up the Shia mili­tias Hashd Al-Shaabi – public gath­er­ing in Iraq. So, what does Saudi Ara­bia want to achieve strik­ing the Houthis? The dis­as­ter in the re­gion started when many re­gional coun­tries ap­plied the sys­tem of po­lit­i­cal Is­lamism in or­der to evade their in­ter­nal con­flicts and prob­lems. Now, they have to aban­don those projects them­selves.

This war will has­ten the re-di­vi­sion of the Mid­dle East, be­cause nei­ther Ye­men could re­main united nor Iraq could be re­uni­fied nor Syria could go back to the old days of a cen­tral pow­er­ful gov­ern­ment of the Baath Regime. More­over, Libya is dis­in­te­grat­ing, and Egypt can con­tinue as if noth­ing has hap­pened through the pending and men­ac­ing fear of the deep-rooted Mus­lim Brotherhood. Great changes are un­der­way in the boil­ing and volatile Mid­dle East .

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