Is there the best eco­nomic so­lu­tion for us?

The Kurdish Globe - - SPORTS NEWS - Swara Kadir

Kur­dis­tan. Now there is dis­agree­ment as to whether this is de­lib­er­ate or not de­lib­er­ate. Is it be­cause Bagh­dad doesn't have any spare money to send or is it be­cause its cof­fers are al­most empty and there is not much to send.

De­lib­er­ate or not de­lib­er­ate, at the end Kur­dis­tan is fac­ing a se­ri­ous fi­nan­cial chal­lenge. The Kur­dis­tan Re­gional Gov­ern­ment has been very re­source­ful in gen­er­at­ing cash. It has bor­rowed money, en­cour­aged con­tri­bu­tions from the wealthy, and chiefly sold crude oil de­spite the many ob­sta­cles Bagh­dad tried to im­pose.

My per­sonal view is that Kur­dis­tan is no longer bed­fel­low with the rest of Iraq. It needs to ditch this old part­ner and go alone. What I mean is Kur­dis­tan in­de­pen­dence is the only long term so­lu­tion to its eco­nomic and po­lit­i­cal woes. Yes there might be a lot of op­po­si­tion to the idea, it won't be easy and there will be ini­tial an­i­mos­ity from the neigh­bour­ing coun­tries but even­tu­ally they have no choice but to come to terms with the re­al­ity.

This will mean eco­nomic lib­er­a­tion, and the free abil­ity of Kur­dis­tan to sell its own crude oil to who it likes and when it likes. It doesn't take a lot of cal­cu­la­tions to work out that it will be fi­nan­cially bet­ter off to do this rather than rely on Bagh­dad for hand­outs. A bold de­ci­sion needs to be taken and the rest will be an eco­nomic his­tory; the birth of a new oil rich coun­try!

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