The Kur­dish film “Where is the Land?”

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"Where is the Land", a 81-minute drama film di­rected and co-writ­ten by Hush­yar Ner­wayi, is an amaz­ing movie that ex­plores the ex­tent of hu­man com­pli­ance and the lengths in which cal­lous ig­no­rance will sus­tain it. At first, it ap­pears to be cen­tered on Be­war but, later on, the film starts to re­volve and fo­cus on the de­ci­sions and view­point of his wife, Be­har.

Be­war and his wife live in a small vil­lage in Kur­dis­tan near the Turk­ish bor- der. Be­har is preg­nant with their third child which hap­pens to be a girl. With two other daugh­ters as proof Be­war is con­vinced that his wife can only give birth to fe­males and in his des­per­a­tion to get a son he de­cides to marry a sec­ond wife. The fa­ther of Be­wars sec­ond wife re­luc­tantly agrees to give his bless­ing but only if Be­har is fine with it.

Per­suad­ing Be­har to give her con­sent, he some­how man­ages to con­vince her to ac­com­pany him on a per­ilous jour­ney across the bor­der. Along the way, Be­har finds her own com­pli­ant and tol­er­ant be­hav­iour wan­ing as she's forced to face her own doubts and thoughts- some­thing that her hus­band does not ex­pect.

"Where is the Land?" is a breath­tak­ing cin­e­matic ex­pe­ri­ence that fol­lows the re­al­iza­tion of an op­pressed fe­male and the dis­so­lu­tion of her own un­con­sciously sub­mis­sive be­hav­iour.

H.G. Has­san

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