Pesh­merge are learn­ing to read, whilst ter­ror­ists to shed blood

The Kurdish Globe - - NEWS - By Gazi Has­san

For this week, I wanted to dis­cuss the grounds for head­ing to­wards the Kur­dish state as Pres­i­dent Barzani raised new hopes for peo­ple of Kur­dis­tan, es­pe­cially af­ter his visit to Wash­ing­ton and meet­ing with Pres­i­dent Obama and the White House staff. But I turned around to this ti­tle be­cause when I re­ally take a look at it, I say the sit­u­a­tion shouldn’t be left out with­out a com­ment. Orig­i­nally it’s an ap­peal­ing and hope­ful sit­u­a­tion of Pesh­merge that shows us Kurds are head­ing to a mod­ern, pros­per­ous and de­vel­oped state.

Last week, I was watch­ing a re­port on Ru­daw TV chan­nel. They had made a re­port about mem­bers of Pesh­merge, who were il­lit­er­ate, tak­ing part in lit­er­acy classes in the front­lines of war against the IS. I have un­der­stood that Kurds and Kur­dish lead­er­ships should have no con­cern about the suc­cess of peo­ple of Kur­dis­tan. We see that Pesh­merge’s salaries haven’t been sent by Bagh­dad, their weapons are out­dated and tra­di­tional, but still they can con­duct classes of lit­er­acy at the front lines. The re­port showed sixty mem­bers of Pesh­merge in Xazir, which is one of hot front lines, tak­ing part in schools for learn­ing how to read and write. I’m ask­ing: has this ever hap­pened in any other coun­try? While the ter­ror­ists, with all of their ideas, groups and re­sources, in­clud­ing the lo­cal groups or the for­eign­ers, even in cer­tain places in Kur­dis­tan too, have been us­ing mosques as schools for learn­ing and train­ing on vi­o­lence, killing, be­head­ing and shed­ding blood.

My im­por­tant point is that the Pesh­merge who ex­pect ex­plo­sion of bombed cars of ISIS at any time, and who don’t know when and how an I.E.D could blow off un­der his feet, how in such a high morale at­tend lit­er­acy classes un­der a hum­ble tent to learn the al­pha­bets, and to learn read­ing his own and his en­emy’s names, to learn us­ing mil­i­tary ta­bles and maps. Just take a sec­ond to think about the sur­real im­age; don’t you feel the mean­ing of victory too? Don’t you feel that peo­ple of Kur­dis­tan, who don’t dis­crim­i­nate be­tween re­li­gions, lan­guages and eth­nic­i­ties, are re­ally build­ing a bright fu­ture?

As Bagh­dad Gov­ern­ment, with its un­wise pol­icy and ad­min­is­tra­tion, hands over Mo­sul and An­bar with all weaponry and ammunition, mean­while in Zakho, KRG Prime Min­is­ter opens a mod­ern sta­dium in the city on June 4. Isn’t this in­di­ca­tion of pros­per­ity, devel­op­ment and self- con­fi­dence?

Some­times one tries as much as pos­si­ble to pre­vent be­ing biased and sen­ti­men­tal. It’s true that in or­der not to see the facts smaller than they are, and not to por­tray the small things big­ger than they are, we should ad­mit that Pesh­merge can pro­tect a free Kur­dis­tan. The morale of Pesh­merge and their view of life are strong ev­i­dence of the victory of the true path of es­tab­lish­ing an in­de­pen­dent Kur­dis­tan. As for the Rad­i­cal Is­lamists and Ter­ror­ists, with all their kinds and ten­den­cies, they’re head­ing to­wards a dead-end hell as a re­sult of their love of vi­o­lence, killing, blood­shed and bar­barism.

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