The Kur­dish Pain­ter Ashna Ab­dul­lah

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The Kur­dish pain­ter Ashna Ab­dul­lah started her ca­reer as an ex­pe­ri­enced woman in the world of art, a world that has no bound­aries and no end, and is full of mean­ings, ex­pres­sions and beauty of life. A world full of catas­tro­phes and events too like the city of Hal­abja in South­ern Kur­dis­tan. The mar­tyred city is still full of deep un­healed wounds. She was born in 1975 in Hal­abja Province. She stud­ied ele­men­tary and sec­ondary school in the city. Ashna com­pleted the In­sti­tute of Fine Arts in Suleimani, depart­ment of paint­ing in 1995. She opened her first ex­hi­bi­tion in 1998 in Mediya Hall in Hawler. She has her own style and ex­pe­ri­ence re­gard­ing the choice of her col­ors.

Kur­dish women, as women all over the world, want to have their own free­dom to ex­press their own ideas in their work. Ashna, as a teacher and an em­ployee in the Min­istry of Cul­ture, turned her ca­reer into achiev­ing this and tried to por­tray this achieve­ment in her projects. In 1993 to 1999, she par­tic­i­pated in women’s ex­hi­bi­tion in the Cul­tural Hall in Suleimani and has also par­tic­i­pated in ex­hi­bi­tions abroad in Ger­many, France, Swe­den and Canada.

If you take a look at her paint­ings, you’ll see many de­tails in the se­lec­tion of col­ors which can ex­press the artis­tic op­ti­mism. The bright col­ors in her work sym­bol­ize her ideas and mo­tifs, es­pe­cially in o rga­niz­ing the col­ors aca­dem­i­cally and ar­tis­ti­cally. Over­com­ing the world of col­ors has al­ways had its im­por­tance, es­pe­cially in re­gard to the forms since the aca­demic foun­da­tion is the foun­da­tion of paint­ing.

Ashna has fol­lowed ex­pres­sion­ism and re­al­ism in her works. All of this goes backs to the full con­trol of art that she has had mas­tered. As a woman, Ashna takes part in the meet­ings and con­fer­ences and ex­hi­bi­tions in Kur­dis­tan and out­side. Liv­ing in Ger­many and the artis­tic at­mos­phere there have cre­ated a good op­por­tu­nity for her to con­tinue de­vel­op­ing her abil­ity and tal­ent. Her poster works show us close­ness be­tween her paint­ings and posters, es­pe­cially as she has had joint works of posters in many oc­ca­sions and an­niver­saries of Kur­dis­tan. Ashna Ab­dulla show­cases the iden­tity and char­ac­ter­is­tics of the Kur­dish peo­ple in her posters and paint­ings.

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