The Kur­dish Painter, Adil Da­wood

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The Kur­dish artist and painter Adil Da­wood was born in Hasakah, Syr­ian Kur­dis­tan in 1980. He stud­ied pri­mary and sec­ondary schools in Hasakah, from which he had hob­bies of draw­ing. He took part in sev­eral ex­hi­bi­tions in Hasakah as a young man in the Arab Cul­tural Cen­ter of the city. He’s now liv­ing in Vi­enna, Aus­tria. He’s now oc­cu­pied with works, ex­hi­bi­tions, daily cul­tural ac­tiv­i­ties, and his own ex­hi­bi­tions. Da­wood is known as a Kur­dish artist in the coun­try and has his own char­ac­ter­is­tics in his works, that forms and colors of his work as dis­tinc­tive. His pro­fes­sional level of art is high, es­pe­cially in adopt­ing the arabesque school and us­ing the colors in a mixed form.

Adil Da­wood’s iden­tity is Kur­dis­tani and Hasakah was where he be­gan his art. Now Vi­enna is the place where Da­wood tells the sad story of that part of Kur­dis­tan. He started work­ing with oil, then acrylic and black and white, work­ing with lengths of 2 and 3 me- ters. He dis­plays his art­works in spe­cial gal­leries of Vi­enna. He has a con­sid­er­able par­tic­i­pa­tion in the Euro­pean coun­tries and the well­known gal­leries of Ger­many, Switzer­land and France. Adil Da­wood’s long paint­ings at­tract a viewer’s at­ten­tion, es­pe­cially in the galler- ies and wide and grand halls when the viewer can con­fi­dently watch the draw­ings. Da­wood de­picts suf­fer­ings so great that they might seem sur­real.

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