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AN ASH­FORD WOMAN was left ter­ri­fied af­ter her oxy­gen mask on a Ryanair Flight failed to be de­ployed.

Roisin Hartshorn was trav­el­ling with a friend last Thurs­day morn­ing from Dublin to Lon­don when the cabin de­pres­surised and a num­ber of oxy­gen masks failed to de­ploy.

The pair were very lucky that the flight wasn’t full as they were able to share an oxy­gen mask passed to them from an­other passenger in the seat be­hind them.

Af­ter call­ing for help from the air hostesses, they were handed a hair­pin to try and force their own oxy­gen masks open.

When this failed they were then handed an ID card from the air host­ess and af­ter five min­utes their oxy­gen masks fi­nally de­ployed.

‘It was so scary be­cause we were shar­ing a mask while try­ing to get our own masks to come down. It started to get harder to breath and I could feel my chest start­ing to tighten. I don’t know what would have hap­pened if the mask didn’t come down when it did,’ ex­plained Ms. Hartshorn. Dur­ing the take-off of Flight FR208, a pro­tec­tive cover on the craft’s tail

scraped the run­way.

‘When we took off we heard a loud bang and it sounded as though the back of the plane hit the run­way and about four or five min­utes later the plane felt heavy and then a whistling noise started and all the air went out of the plane. It sounded as though there was a hole in plane,’ ex­plained Ms. Hartshorn.

Ms Hartshorn has crit­i­cised Ryanair’s han­dling of the sit­u­a­tion, say­ing that they weren’t given any in­for­ma­tion from the crew un­til the cabin pres­sure had nor­malised.

The pi­lot then in­formed the pas­sen­gers that they would be re­turn­ing to Dublin and that it would be a safe land­ing and there was no need for panic.

‘The cap­tain said that he would be at the top of the plane to an­swer any ques­tions once we had landed but I just wanted to get off the thing. We were very shaken af­ter the whole or­deal,’ said Ms. Hartshorn.

The flight made an emer­gency land­ing at Dublin Air­port and pas­sen­gers were given a ¤5 voucher for a sand­wich and the op­tion of a full re­fund or to take the next flight to Lon­don.

Ryanair have said that all oxy­gen masks were de­ployed prop­erly and that Thurs­day’s in­ci­dent was ‘not a ma­jor one’.

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