Book con­signed to bar­gain base­ment as Dubs fall short

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‘IN­SIDE RIGHT’ had a good old gig­gle last week when the Dublin foot­ballers’ top se­cret ‘ Blue Book’ some­how found its way into the hands of the na­tional me­dia.

Yours truly hasn’t laughed as much since Del Boy fell through the hatch in the bar whilst show­ing Trig­ger his suave pulling tech­nique.

For those of you are obliv­i­ous to what ‘In­side Right’ is re­fer­ring to it has been re­vealed that the Dubs had a spe­cial guide­book on how to bring Sam back to the cap­i­tal for the first time since 1995.

A photo of Dublin foot­ballers with All-Ire­land cham­pi­ons 2008 adorned the front of the pe­cu­liar pub­li­ca­tion and in­side there was mo­ti­va­tional quotes from all sorts of poets and philoso­phers.

There are words of wis­dom from the likes of Con­fu­cius, Churchill, Isaac New­ton and Muhammed Ali in­side, but un­for­tu­nately for the Le­in­ster cham­pi­ons they were hit with the equiv­a­lent of an Ali up­per­cut by Ty­rone in the All-Ire­land semi-fi­nal.

Ap­par­ently sub­scribers to this bizarre bi­ble had to prom­ise not to show, or ad­mit to the ex­is­tence of the ‘Blue Book’. Surely most of the play­ers would be too em­bar­rassed to men­tion it to even their near­est and dear­est.

There was also the threat that you’d be stripped of your ‘ Blue Book’ if you didn’t ap­ply your­self as ex­pected to - a se­ri­ous threat in­deed.

It’s like some se­cret play­ground so­ci­ety - breathe a word and you’re out of our gang. Well some­one must have let the se­cret slip, pur­posely or in­ad­ver­tently, for it to find its way into the hands of those nasty jour­nal­ist types.

It all sounds a bit like Fight Club and what’s the first rule of Fight Club? You do not talk about Fight Club of course.

Pil­lar Caf­frey and co. must have spent too many evenings watch­ing Hol­ly­wood fan­tasies in­side of plot­ting the down­fall of the likes of Kerry and Ty­rone.

We’re not privy to how other teams pre­pare for the champi- on­ship chal­lenge, but we doubt very much that Kilkenny play­ers keep the ‘Cats’ Com­mand­ments’ un­der their beds our Kerry read the ‘King­dom Ko­ran’ to get them­selves mo­ti­vated. Sports psy­chol­ogy is ob­vi­ously a big part of the mod­ern game but what’s wrong with the scathing ar­ti­cle sel­l­otaped to the dress­in­groom door?

If Alan Bro­gan and the rest of the Dublin boys want to read the ‘Blue Book’ mantra as they sip on a cup of co­coa be­fore bed­time, how­ever hu­mourous it may seem, I guess that’s their busi­ness, but the para­noia they il­lus­trate is just a tad ridicu­lous.

There’s even a men­tion of ‘thirty one against one’, im­ply­ing that all the other coun­ties are against the poor old boys in blues.

Of course the over-in­flated egos and cock­i­ness of the play­ers and delu­sional brag­ging of their fans of­ten gets up the nose but gen­er­ally most peo­ple aren’t that over-thetop in their dis­like of the Dubs, sim­ply be­cause they’re not good enough and haven’t been winning the All-Ire­land ti­tles that a county of their size with such a strong foot­balling tra­di­tion should be winning.

The jour­nal even backs up the view the rest of us have of their cock­i­ness, pro­claim­ing ‘we want to dis­play some typ­i­cal Dublin ar­ro­gance’.

What’s that say­ing about pride com­ing be­fore a fall? Pity Con­fu­cius didn’t say that.

Davy Harte scor­ing Ty­rone’s third goal in the All-Ire­land quar­ter-fi­nal against Dublin.

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