RTE’s chance to be our knights in shin­ing ar­mour

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FOR THE lads there’s the an­nual un­veil­ing of the Premier­ship’s fix­ture list, for the ladies there’s the launch of the sea­sonal fash­ion cat­a­logues and for the TV ad­dict there’s, eh, RTE’s au­tumn sched­ule. This sea­son how­ever, the Mon­trose pup­pet­mas­ters have gone out on a limb like never be­fore.

Full-frontal nu­dity, fraz­zled res­tau­ra­teurs and delin­quent kids burn­ing rub­ber down the su­per­mar­ket car park. Lay down your re­mote con­trols, they can now be ren­dered ob­se­lete; RTE is the one and only tele­vi­sion sta­tion you need. And we haven’t yet hit Hal­loween.

The Clinic, Fair City and Raw are the fron­trun­ners of Ir­ish drama be­ing served up to the li­cence player and each is break­ing bound­aries in its own unique way.

The Clinic, ar­guably the finest drama se­ries ever pro­duced in this coun­try (also aired in Scan­di­navia, Bel­gium and Por­tu­gal as well as hav­ing the South Amer­i­cans scram­bling to snap up the rights) is back at its pul­sat­ing best. Con­tent to ex­ist in its D4 bub­ble, the sto­ry­lines are con­sis­tently en­gag­ing and the qual­ity of act­ing has never fallen short. Then for the closet voyeurs among us we have Raw.

The new Mon­day night of­fer­ing seems in such a ju­ve­nile rush to reach its ‘steamy’ sex scenes that it ne­glects the rest of the au­di­ence who might ac­tu­ally be seek­ing a sto­ry­line with a bit of flesh in­stead. But it’s not bad and Char­lene McKenna is ad­mirably hold­ing it all to­gether.

Which leads us to Fair City. What in the name of all that’s de­cent has hap­pened in the past few months?

The first rule of soap opera the­ory, as a tele­vi­sion & drama stu­dent once pointed out to me, is that char­ac­ters, like leop­ards, never change their spots.

Once they do, you are charg­ing rapidly in the wrong di­rec­tion down a one-way street. What the Fair City scriptwrit­ers have done is de­velop new per­son­al­i­tites out of prac­ti­cally the en­tire cast and it has been em­bar­rass­ing to watch.

If we want to see peo­ple rip­ping each oth­ers heads off when we get home in the evening then we’ll tune into Al­bert Square.

At a time when you can’t read the daily news­pa­pers for the arse­nal of mor­bid­ity be­ing ma­chine gunned our way, en­ter­tain­ment, at any level, is a means of sal­va­tion.

While the coun­try con­tin­ues to be ma­rooned in a mine of eco­nomic gloom, RTE, with a bit more ef­fort, have the op­por­tu­nity to be the es­capist knights in shin­ing ar­mour that could just for a few mo­ments daily, weekly or any time at all, come and heave us out. All it takes is a lit­tle more cre­ativ­ity.


WHAT is it about driv­ers and round­abouts? The most straight­for­ward of all in­no­va­tions to be put on our roads have some peo­ple at a loss when it comes to ac­tu­ally us­ing them. Is it that peo­ple who don’t un­der­stand how they op­er­ate only think about them when they lit­er­ally come across them and then don’t bother to ask some­one how they work af­ter­wards?

And it’s not the huge round­abouts on main roads that are the trou­ble. It’s the lit­tle ones tucked away down the back roads that are the killers.

Well here’s a tip, yield to the cars on your right and you won’t go too far wrong.

And by they way fe­male driv­ers, you’re not the ones to blame...

Sexy new drama Raw is part of RTE’s au­tumn pack­age.

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