Oa­sis gui­tarist Noel says Bono is the gen­uine ar­ti­cle

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NOEL GAL­LAGHER is quite the box-of­fice in­ter­vie­wee. His lat­est chat­ter with the mu­sic in­dus­try hacks came about as he re­cov­ered from be­ing pounded on-stage by a peeved au­di­ence mem­ber dur­ing a show in Canada.

Still, to be­gin to sum­marise a Gal­lagher in­ter­view would take an es­say in it­self but in be­tween his ad­mi­ra­tion for Chris Martin’s song­writ­ing skills, his con­dem­na­tion of pop­sters Keane’s gen­eral ex­is­tence and curs­ing how vile a place his home­land is, he made an in­ter­est­ing com­ment about one of our own rock aris­to­crats, Mr Bono.

Bono has long shared an am­biva­lent re­la­tion­ship with the Ir­ish peo­ple. As a U2 front­man, song­writer and show­man few would ar­gue he is up there with the world’s finest over the past three decades. But as is be­com­ing more com­mon with celebri­ties th­ese days, there are quite a few more strings to his bow.

The more en­joy­able of the Oa­sis broth­ers feels that Bono is mis­un­der­stood by many peo­ple and that he is ac­tu­ally very gen­uine in his bid to right the world’s wrongs. And when you think about it he has got a point.

Not the sort to take a once-off flight to some trou­bled land and lament the squalor that the vic­tims of global greed have to en­dure in some week­end glossy mag, Bono’s pas­sion for the fight stretches all the way back. Back to the days of the 1988 mas­ter­piece ‘Rat­tle and Hum’.

Have a lis­ten to the track ‘Sil­ver and Gold’ and you’ll hear a much greener Bono speak­ing on the hor­rors of apartheid to a live au­di­ence. He also asks the crowd if he is bug­ging them by do­ing so. Well now Paul, if you have to ask...

But the list of or­gan­i­sa­tions Bono has been ac­cred­ited with found­ing or co-found­ing is noth­ing short of noble and if he was an Amer­i­can, per say, there would prob­a­bly be a bronze statue the size of Lib­erty her­self perched at the wel­com­ing gates of Vir­ginia.

But in Ire­land we have a con­di­tion. It’s not our fault, it’s in the blood. If Trevor Tut­tle turns up at Sun­day morn­ing Mass in an As­ton Martin with An­gelina Jolie gig­gling away on his arm then (a) he must have been left money and (b) she must be af­ter it.

Un­for­tu­nately Bono has that knack of mak­ing peo­ple tut, even though they may not mean it.

So well done Noel for point­ing it out and sure if the rest of us did even an inch of the work the leather-trousered one has got­ten through, the world would surely be a lit­tle bet­ter off.



ITAL­IAN plumbers have we got jobs for you!

Due to a plumb­ing hic­cup in the town of Marino, south of Rome, the in­hab­i­tants couldn’t be­lieve their luck when free wine gushed from their kitchen taps.

Meant for a foun­tain in the town cen­tre for the an­nual fes­ti­val, the dozy work­men got their wires crossed and the wine ended up in peo­ple’s homes. Some­how if the same thing were to hap­pen in this coun­try you just know we’d hear a lot less com­plain­ing about the qual­ity of our drink­ing fa­cil­i­ties and the whole con­tro­versy that is cryp­tosporid­ium. And a lot less peo­ple mak­ing it to

work. THE NEWS that an Amer­i­can mother in Mon­tana brought a dead bat into her chil­dren’s school and went from class to class get­ting the kids to touch it is an­other of those ‘only in Amer­ica’-type sto­ries. As the bat was dis­eased and up to 90 kids are now feared in­fected.

If you found a fly­ing rat sit­ting in your own cat’s mouth one day what would you im­me­di­ately do?

Well for me the bin out­side would be the ideal rest­ing place. How she got past all those teach­ers and let the chil­dren touch it is bor­der­line in­san­ity.

Daft old bat, you might even say.

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