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A MAN has spo­ken of his ter­ror as a group of thugs rammed the front of a petrol sta­tion next to his house with a four-by-four jeep.

Two mem­bers of the Gar­dai were in­jured dur­ing the in­ci­dent as the raiders fled the scene.

The shop at Hill’s Petrol Sta­tion in Kil­coole was vir­tu­ally de­stroyed af­ter thugs rammed through the front shut­ters with a jeep early last Wed­nes­day morn­ing.

‘I just heard an un­mer­ci­ful bang at around 3 a.m and could hear the shut­ters bang­ing. The men were shout­ing at the top of their voices, they sounded very de­ter­mined and an­gry. I’ve never been so fright­ened,’ ex­plained the man.

In fear of his life the man con­tin­ued to watch the scene from his house.

‘I rang Brian Hill im­me­di­ately and I was go­ing to go out but th­ese thugs were mak­ing so much noise that I was ac­tu­ally too scared to. I mean I didn’t know if they had guns or what,’ said the Kil­coole res­i­dent.

Within min­utes Gar­daí ar­rived at the scene and dur­ing their es­cape, the rob­bers rammed the Garda car with the jeep leav­ing two of the Gar­daí in­jured.

The thugs then jumped into a BMW and es­caped in the gen­eral di­rec­tion of Dublin.

The owner of the petrol sta­tion, which has been in his fam­ily since the 1960’s, Brian Hill, reached the garage to find a scene of dev­as­ta­tion.

The shut­ters of the shop had been knocked through and the ceil­ing in­side was dam­aged while the floor of the shop was a mass of bro­ken de­bris and stock.

‘It was a huge shock to come along and see so much dam­age done. They were ob­vi­ously try­ing to get the ATM ma­chine but got away with noth­ing. All that dam­age for noth­ing,’ ex­plained Mr. Hill, ‘I’d say there is about ¤100,000 worth of dam­age done to the shop.’

The Gar­daí in­jured at the scene were taken to Lough­lin­stown Hospi­tal and were later re­leased with mi­nor in­juries.

Noth­ing was taken dur­ing the raid and the jeep that rammed front of the shop was re­cov­ered at the scene.

Gar­daí at Bray and Grey­stones are fol­low­ing en­quiries and any­body with any in­for­ma­tion can con­tact the Gar­daí at (01) 6665300 or (01) 6665800.

Gar­daí at the scene of the raid at Hill’s ser­vice sta­tion in Kil­coole.

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