Two found guilty for vi­cious at­tack on Garda and friends

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‘I FIND them guilty of the as­saults as charged,’ said Judge Mur­rough Con­nel­lan as the case against John Cox and Ned Do­ran drew to a close last Thurs­day in Bray District Court.

Cox (23), 59 Hazel­wood, and Do­ran (18), 51 Bal­ly­waltrim Heights formed two of a gang of five peo­ple who launched an at­tack on In­spec­tor James De­laney, his girl­friend Eva O’Con­nor and their friend John Crowe as the trio made their way home af­ter an evening out on Jan­uary 27 last year.

Judge Con­nel­lan de­scribed In­spec­tor De­laney, whose par­ents live in Bray, as some­one ‘with a se­ri­ous re­sume in the Gar­dai.’

The case re­volved around the three peo­ple walk­ing home at around 2 a.m. They en­coun­tered Ned Do­ran, who was walk­ing in the mid­dle of Kil­lar­ney road and asked them for a smoke. In­spec­tor De­laney told him they had none and car­ried on.

Mo­ments later, a gang, in­clud­ing Ned Do­ran and John Cox, set upon them in the laneway be­tween Kil­lar­ney Road and Ard­more Park.

Two other youths blocked the lane’s en­trance. Mr. Crowe was knocked to the ground with a sin­gle punch. Ms. O’Con­nor de­scribed blood pour­ing on to the ground from his head.

In­spec­tor De­laney told the Court that the youth who had asked for a cig­a­rette was now wear­ing just a t-shirt and a dif­fer­ent male was wear­ing his hoody. ’I knew that you don’t swap tops un­less you want to

d o some­thing. I knew straight away from my ex­pe­ri­ence and in­stinct that we were in trou­ble.’

An­other as­sailant punched In­spec­tor De­laney in the head as he and Ms. O’Con­nor stood shoul­der to shoul­der and kept shout­ing at the five youths that they had no money or smokes. John Crowe lay un­con­scious and bleed­ing at their feet.

‘His feet weren’t mov­ing, they weren’t twitch­ing ei­ther,’ said In­spec­tor De­laney in ev­i­dence. ‘John didn’t even have a chance to get his hands out of his pock­ets. He fell like a bag of coal.’ The gang even­tu­ally ran off and Insp. De­laney heard one of them shout ‘let’s go Ned,’ or ‘Ed.’

Judge Con­nel­lan said that Insp. De­laney’s train­ing had al­lowed him to stay calm and take in the fea­tures of the youths.

Both of them de­nied the charge, Do­ran claim­ing to have been at a party for the night and Cox claimed to have been in his cousin’s house play­ing playsta­tion.

Gar­dai nom­i­nated the two as sus­pects al­most im­me­di­ately; based on the de­scrip­tions they were given. Both were iden­ti­fied later in­for­mally by Insp. De­laney, Do­ran out­side Bray Court­house and Cox in Shankill Garda Sta­tion. Judge Con­nal­lan said that he had no con­cerns that the iden­ti­fi­ca­tion of the sus­pects was un­fair in any way.

He said he was sat­is­fied that there was enough light in the area to see. ‘Much was made about the way the var­i­ous par­ties were stand­ing as though rooted to the spot,’ he said.

‘Un­less the as­sailants were form­ing an or­derly queue it is in­con­ceiv­able that there was only one view of any­one’s face.’

‘They are to be con­grat­u­lated and not cas­ti­gated,’ said Judge Con­nel­lan on the alacrity at which the Gar­dai nom­i­nated the sus­pects. ‘That is their job. I do not hold with any of the sub­mis­sions made by the de­fence.’

Not­ing the for­mer ju­ve­nile sta­tus of Do­ran at the time of the of­fence, Judge Con­nel­lan ad­journed both mat­ters to April 16 for the pro­duc­tion of a pro­ba­tion re­port.

John Cox and Ed­ward Do­ran at Bray District Court.

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