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Dear Ed­i­tor,

I note in last week’s pa­per, that the Coun­cil is send­ing let­ters to for­mer Al­ler­gan staff to as­sure them of their con­tin­ued sup­port and help. This is all very laud­able and praise­wor­thy, of course, but why this spe­cial con­cern for Al­ler­gan work­ers?

What about the rest of Ark­low’s un­em­ployed of which I am one. Do we not count in Ark­low Town Coun­cil’s eyes? There are many job­less peo­ple in this town at the mo­ment. We may not have been laid off in the glare of wide­spread pub­lic­ity, but our un­for­tu­nate lot is ev­ery bit as bad as those of the for­mer Al­ler­gan work­ers, for whom, by the way I have the deep­est sym­pa­thy.

Some com­pa­nies such as the one I worked for are lay­ing peo­ple off piece­meal and qui­etly without any fan­fare. In­deed, th­ese lay­offs seem al­most sur­rep­ti­tious and car­ried out in or­der to avoid hit­ting the head­lines.

Un­em­ployed peo­ple are ev­ery­where so while the Coun­cil’s ac­tions are right it is, I feel, grossly un­fair to sin­gle out a cer­tain group. All un­em­ployed peo­ple need re­as­sur­ance that the Coun­cil will utilise what­ever lim­ited pow­ers are at their dis­posal on the be­half of the un­em­ployed.

This will be my mes­sage to the coun­cil­lors when they come looking for my vote. Yours sin­cerely, Michael Byrne. St. Michael’s Ter­race, Ark­low

Dear Ed­i­tor,

I moved to Wick­low town last year so I sup­pose I’m a ‘blow-in’, but I love this town of char­ac­ter and his­tory. Hav­ing lived in many dif­fer­ent places, both small and large, I be­lieve this cor­ner of the world has many things go­ing for it and I hope to be able to spend the rest of my days here.

But, and it’s a big BUT, why oh why is this lovely place quite lit­er­ally go­ing to the dogs? I am of course al­lud­ing to the dis­gust­ing spec­ta­cle of dog fae­ces. From the seafront to the river bank, the streets, open spa­ces, even bridges, no where is al­lowed to be free of this plague.

Is it per­mis­si­ble to shoot the per­pe­tra­tors? Not the dogs but the own­ers. I might jest but this is a ter­ri­ble blight on the good name of all who have lived here.

What about the old and in­firm (and we all get that way don’t we?), the blind, half-blind and young moth­ers with bug­gies and tod­dlers?

One has to nav­i­gate (not walk) dur­ing the day, and at night for­get it, un­less one is of course on a carrot fruit diet. When was the last time any­one was named and shamed? When was any­one ar­rested for break­ing this law and putting young chil­dren at risk? Is the only way to make this a pub­lic de­bate to make a cit­i­zens ar­rest?

To all those beau­ti­ful dog own­ers who clean up, don’t stop. Maybe your ex­am­ple will make oth­ers cop on.’ Yours sin­cerely, B. McKay, Leitrim Place, Wick­low town.

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