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GOLF is a game that re­quires a lot of con­cen­tra­tion. If you are try­ing to make a putt, or hit your tee shot into a nar­row fair­way, it will be much more dif­fi­cult if some­one is laugh­ing, rat­tling their clubs or run­ning around the tee or green.

Golf eti­quette is an ex­tremely im­por­tant part of the game of golf. The eti­quette golfers show to one an­other out on the course is one of the things that dis­tin­guishes golf from all other sports. But what is eti­quette? Eti­quette has to do with man­ners. It is through the cour­tesy we show to other peo­ple that we com­mu­ni­cate our re­spect for them and that we show them how im­por­tant we think they are.

Quiet is re­quired on the golf course. Golf re­quires lots of con­cen­tra­tion, and even if the peo­ple in your im­me­di­ate group don't seem to be both­ered, there are other groups all around you. So keep your voice down. Walk, don't run.

Watch that Prac­tice Swing The first and fore­most rule of golf and golf eti­quette is safety. This rule ap­plies to young and old alike. Without some good com­mon sense and a no­tion of how hard golf balls and clubs are, a golf course can be a very danger­ous place. So here are some safety rules to al­ways fol­low on the golf course: Don't take prac­tice swings to­ward an­other per­son (Rocks and sticks and grass can fly up and hit them in the eye. Be­sides, it's rude!)

Golf Carts You don't need a driver's li­cense to drive a golf cart on the course, but you do need some com­mon sense . If you are driv­ing a mo­torised cart, drive at a moderate speed and keep your eyes open for other golfers. De­pend­ing on weather con­di­tions and other vari­ables, cour­ses will post dif­fer­ent rules re­lat­ing to the use of carts. Be sure to obey the course rules re­gard­ing carts such as:

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