Kin­sella ques­tions elec­torate’s hon­esty

Bray People - - ELECTION 2011 - DEB­O­RAH COLE­MAN

THE WICK­LOW POLL to some ex­tent showed some sur­prises and in other ways went as ex­pected.

There was al­ways go­ing to be a vast num­ber of ca­su­al­ties given the large num­ber of can­di­dates but each of them held out hope that they would be the ones to gain seats, by some mir­a­cle.

While it’s usu­ally the jour­nal­ists who ask the ques­tions, one of the most in­ter­est­ing ques­tion I was asked at the count cen­tre was by Gerry Kin­sella of Fís Nua - ‘ What I would like to know,’ he said, ‘Is the elec­torate as dis­hon­est as the par­ties?’

Kin­sella who was elim­i­nated on the ninth count ex­plained that as a first time can­di­date he was re­al­is­tic about his chances but was truly shocked to have polled so badly.

‘Con­fused’ was how he de­scribed how he felt dur­ing the count.

‘I can­vassed all of West Wick­low and got less than 20 votes there. What I do not un­der­stand is why would peo­ple tell me on the doorsteps that they planned to vote for me if they did not?’

A fair point to make given that Kin­sella per­son­ally knocked on 1,500 doors and had es­ti­mated his fig­ures from that but with just 324 first pref­er­ences fell far short of ex­pec­ta­tions.

Ad­mit­tedly, Kin­sella said he was ‘ try­ing some­thing new’ with his cam­paign which cen­tred around an in­for­ma­tive DVD and leaflet drop with­out the usual posters.

‘I knocked on an un­real amount of doors and got a great re­sponse. It was a learn­ing curve and I was very naive about how it all works but I re­ally got the gen­eral feel­ing that peo­ple would vote for me. In­stead they voted for Fianna Fáil in an­other colour.’

This ‘ learn­ing curve’ was steep enough to ex­tin­guish Kin­sella’s po­lit­i­cal as­pi­ra­tions for the present how­ever.

‘ That’s the end of that. Why would I run again? I be­lieve that I of­fered an al­ter­na­tive and that peo­ple wanted to see more In­de­pen­dents but in­stead they voted for the very same thing.’

Gerry Kin­sella of Fís Nua.

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