Do you think Jed­ward will make us a laugh­ing stock at the Euro­vi­sion?

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Noel Keyes Ash­ford ‘Cer­tainly not – they’re great and I hope they win. If you look at the win­ners in re­cent years it’s al­ways some­thing dif­fer­ent – the days of the bal­lads are over.’ Mary O’Con­nor Wick­low Town ‘I think they’ll do a bet­ter job than Dustin. They have a good fol­low­ing of peo­ple of all ages. I do like them my­self.’ An­gela Mol­loy Mol­loy’s Bak­ery ‘I think they are ex­cel­lent and I would al­ways sup­port young peo­ple do­ing so well.’ Jim Mol­loy Mol­loy’s Bak­ery ‘Def­i­nitely not, I think they will do very well. They def­i­nitely have the right im­age for the Euro­vi­sion!’ Ann O’Con­nor Wick­low Town ‘Not at all. They’ll be bet­ter than Dustin and that’s for sure. Fair play to them – if they were my sons I’d be very proud.’ John Smith Kil­lar­ney Road ‘We tend to run down our own when they achieve some­thing. They’re well known in the UK and Europe and have a good chance of win­ning.’ Gavin Tim­mons Boghall Road ‘I don’t think they will make us the laugh­ing stock of Europe. I re­ally like them.’ Shane Rowan Quins­boro Road ‘It will prove yet again that the peo­ple in Europe think that the Ir­ish are fools liv­ing in thatched cot­tages in West­ern Europe. They’ll be worse than the tur­key.’

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