Bray People - - MINDGAMES -

1. Who re­cently re­turne

Awards on BBC1? 2. It was re­cently “Love 3. Which Bri­tish songstr

en­tered the charts at 4. What is the ti­tle of th

re­make of a 1969 we 5. Which 1990s TV sitco

Robert Neil­son? 6. No More Idols is the t

duo? 7. Which 1954 film starr

Barnes Wal­lace? 8. Which ac­tress re­centl

Rise to Can­dle­ford, as 9. What was the ti­tle of

One hit, in Oc­to­ber 19 10. Which singer is provid

ver­sion of Yogi Bear?

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