Back seat driv­ers are iden­ti­fied as most an­noy­ing pas­sen­gers

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IR­ISH mo­torists have iden­ti­fied back seat driv­ers as the most an­noy­ing type of pas­sen­ger. That is the find­ing from a sur­vey of mo­torists on the topic of an­noy­ing pas­sen­gers which was car­ried out by Con­ti­nen­tal Tyres.

48 per­cent of re­spon­dents high­lighted ‘back seat driv­ers’ as the most an­noy­ing pas­sen­ger fol­lowed by Fid­dlers (42 per­cent) - those bored in­di­vid­u­als that twid­dle with but­tons, air con and switch be­tween ra­dio sta­tions; and Sleepers (35 per­cent) - those who nod off within min­utes of set­ting off, snore, and only wake up when they ar­rive at their des­ti­na­tion.

A sur­pris­ingly high 85 per­cent of re­spon­dents said that they have pre­vi­ously asked a pas­sen­ger to leave their car out of frus­tra­tion. How­ever, in spite of the com­plaints in re­la­tion to an­noy­ing pas­sen­gers, more than half of re­spon­dents (55 per­cent) said they would be happy to travel alone only “some of the time”.

Paddy Mur­phy of Con­ti­nen­tal Tyres Ire­land said: ‘Driv­ing is the time we need to be most alert and an an­noy­ing pas­sen­ger can be an un­help­ful dis­trac­tion’.

Just over a quar­ter of re­spon­dents ad­mit­ted they avoid get­ting in a car with a par­tic­u­lar per­son. Drunken mates, part­ners and Dads were named the worst to share a jour­ney with. Top three an­noy­ing types of pas­sen­gers: 1. Back­seat driver - un­able to keep hands, feet and thoughts to them­selves, this sort of pas­sen­ger can't help but brake hard be­fore ev­ery junc­tion and com­ment on ev­ery turn.

2. The Fid­dler - bored to tears by long jour­neys, this pas­sen­ger spends hours twid­dling knobs, chang­ing sta­tions, and play­ing with all avail­able but­tons on the car dash­board.

3. The Sleeper - this type of pas­sen­ger is bad com­pany be­cause they fall asleep within min­utes of set­ting off and snore.

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