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1. With which in­stru­ment is Jascha Heifetz associated? A. Piano, B. Cello, C. Vi­o­lin, D. Trum­pet. 2. How old was Buddy Holly when he died? A. 32, B. 26, C. 37, D. 22. 3. Which Amer­i­can pres­i­dent was present at the 1945 Yalta con­fer­ence? A. War­ren G Hard­ing, B. Franklin D Roo­sevelt, C. Her­bert C Hoover, D. Harry S Tru­man. 4. Who in­vented the first fully au­to­matic ma­chine gun? A. Sa­muel Colt, B. Al­fred No­bel, C. Wil­liam Sher­man, D. Hi­ram Maxim. 5. Of which coun­try is ‘Wai­tangi Day’ the na­tional day? A. New Zealand, B. Aus­tralia, C. Canada, D. USA. 6. Which group had a UK & US No.1 in 1985 with I Want to Know What Love is? A. Abba, B. The Smiths, C. For­eigner, D. REM. 7. What was the nick­name of land­scape gar­dener Lancelot Brown? A. Arthur, B. Re­li­a­bil­ity, C. Her­bert, D. Ca­pa­bil­ity. 8. Which imag­i­nary coun­try fea­tures in The Pris­oner of Zenda? A. Mas­si­to­nia, B. Ru­ri­ta­nia, C. Patag­o­nia, D. Cephalo­nia. 9. In which year was Sher­gar stolen? A. 1963, B. 1983, C. 1953, D. 1993. 10. What opened in Lon­don’s Fleet St and Bed­ford St in 1852? A. The Lon­don Un­der­ground, B. Nel­son’s Col­umn, C. Hyde Park, D. Flush­ing pub­lic lava­to­ries.

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