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A builder is some­one you hire to build your house, cor­rect? Well, yes and no. It has been said that when you hire a builder you are re­ally hir­ing four peo­ple: the builder, the builder's crews, the builder's sub­con­trac­tors, and the builder's sup­pli­ers. What this means is that most builders do not build houses by them­selves, but hire out­side sub­con­trac­tors to do part of the work--plum­bers and elec­tri­cians are good ex­am­ples.

Ex­cept for a few very large builders who have the req­ui­site staff and trades­men on their pay­roll to build a house from start to fin­ish, most builders are not only builders, but also gen­eral con­trac­tors, or GC's as they are known in the trade. That is, they hire and sched­ule other spe­cialised sub­con­trac­tors to work for them in the build­ing of your house.

If you do a good job of hir­ing a builder, things should go rea­son­ably smoothly. If you don't, then you are go­ing to put your­self in the un­en­vi­able po­si­tion of su­per­vis­ing your builder. And, if you haven't been through the build­ing process be­fore, there won't be enough hours in the day for you to learn all you need to know to have a chance of do­ing this well.

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