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1. What was English­man James Brind­ley associated with the con­struc­tion of be­tween 1760 and 1772? A. Canals, B. Roads, C. Cathe­drals, D. Palaces. 2. Which poet wrote The Re­venge and Morte

D’Arthur? A. Shel­ley, B. Ten­nyson, C. Yeats, D. By­ron. 3. Which war lasted from 1854-56? A. The Napoleonic, B. The Great War, C. The Two Years War, D. The Crimean. 4. In which year did Louis Ble­riot cross the English

Chan­nel? A. 1896, B. 1923, C. 1909, D. 1945. 5. Which veg­etable’s sci­en­tific name is Bras­sica napo­bras­sica? A. Car­rot, B. Swede, C. Potato, D. Cab­bage. 6. TAP is the air­line of which coun­try? A. Por­tu­gal, B.

Peru, C. Tu­nisia, D. Ar­gentina. 7. What is the more com­mon name of Schu­bert’s Sym­phony No 8 in B Mi­nor? A. The Per­fect Sym­phony, B. The Un­chained Sym­phony, C. The Un­fin­ished Sym­phony, D. The Bit­ter Sweet Sym­phony. 8. What was the mid­dle name of Ron­ald Rea­gan? A.

Wal­lace, B. Wil­liam, C. Woodrow, D. Wil­son. 9. What was the name of the dog that went into

space in 1957? A. Lolita, B. Laika, C. Leia, D. Lorna. 10. In ar­chi­tec­ture what is a cam­panile? A. An arch

way, B. A steeple, C. A bell­tower, D. An al­cove.

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