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1. On which river does Ber­lin stand? A. Rhine, B. Spree, C. Elde, D. Weser. 2. Which co­me­dian’s real name is Joseph Le­vitch? A. Mel Brooks, B. Jerry Lewis, C. Kelsey Gram­mer, D. Stephen Wright. 3. Who was shot by Nathu­ran Godse on Septem­ber 17th, 1948? A. Ali Khamenei, B. Deng Xiaop­ing, C. Umaru Dikko, D. Ma­hatma Gandhi. 4. Which poet wrote The Lake Isle of Innisfree? A. T.S. Eliot, B. Rud­yard Ki­pling, C. Ger­ard Man­ley Hop­kins, D. W.B. Yeats. 5. What ac­cord­ing to the Beau­fort Scale is a wind of 64-72 m.p.h.? A. A storm, B. A hur­ri­cane, C. A whole gale, D. A strong gale. 6. What is den­dropho­bia the fear of? A. Horses, B. Open Spaces, C. Spi­ders, D. Trees. 7. In which year was the Mary Ce­leste found un­manned near the Azores? A. 1792, B. 1872, C. 1822, D. 1912. 8. Who won the 1990 No­bel Peace Prize? A. F W de Klerk, B. Nel­son Man­dela, C. Mikhail Gorbachev, D. Boris Yeltsin. 9. In which mu­si­cal is the song 76 Trom­bones fea­tured? A. The Mu­sic Man, B. Calamity Jane, C. Seven Brides for Seven Brothers, D. The Sound of Mu­sic. 10. Which in­stru­ment did Glenn Miller play? A. Piano,

B. Gui­tar, C. Trom­bone, D. Sax­o­phone.

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