In­crease in bur­glar­ies a sad by-prod­uct of the re­ces­sion


RE­CES­SIONS TRA­DI­TION­ALLY bring many changes to coun­tries with the good sadly out­num­bered by the bad. On the rare up side com­mu­ni­ties come closer to­gether, peo­ple slow down and have more time for the im­por­tant things in life.

Aside from the well doc­u­mented fi­nan­cial cri­sis the im­pact that in­creased crime lev­els is hav­ing is knock­ing the stuff­ing out of small com­mu­ni­ties all over Ire­land.

It is a known fact that crime rates rise in times of eco­nomic de­pres­sion and sadly ev­i­dence of this is all around us. Money is tight ev­ery­where and while the ma­jor­ity of peo­ple mud­dle through and suf­fer pri­vately, oth­ers feel jus­ti­fied in break­ing into the homes and busi­nesses of oth­ers and cherry pick­ing what they de­sire.

Since when did a re­ces­sion en­ti­tle one to vi­o­late oth­ers and their prop­erty in such a way? Yes many peo­ple are suf­fer­ing but how can any­one have a clear con­science af­ter ri­fling though the home of an­other for a few measly items or a bit of cash. And it's not just the ma­te­rial goods-vi­o­lence against vic­tims is forc­ing many to be­come prisoners in their own homes.

Lev­els of bur­glar­ies have rock­eted in re­cent years to the point where peo­ple are liv­ing in fear for their safety. I can only imag­ine the worry those liv­ing alone must en­dure won­der­ing if they will be tar­geted.

It is only in re­cent weeks that I fi­nally de­cided to in­stall an alarm sys­tem that is none too easy on the pocket for sim­ple peace of mind hav­ing heard of nu­mer­ous break ins and rob­beries within my com­mu­nity. Hav­ing toyed with the idea for months the de­ci­sion was made and not a mo­ment too soon, as that very same day I learned of a neigh­bour who walked in on some cretin slink­ing out the back door of his home.

I am not so naive as to lament for the good old days when ev­ery­body left their doors un­locked and ev­ery­one knew ev­ery­one but there is some­thing to be said for be­ing able to feel safe and se­cure in your own home. I be­lieve, how­ever that such com­fort should not be a lux­ury.

It is dif­fi­cult to imag­ine the men­tal­ity of a per­son who would break into the home of an­other and feel jus­ti­fied in what they are do­ing. Equally it ap­pals me to hear that some peo­ple feel no guilt about steal­ing from a shop as ' the in­surance will cover it'. When did stan­dards sink so low and when did we lose that sense of sup­port and com­mu­nity that pro­tects us from these ills.

It won't sur­prise me to hear of a lot more peo­ple tak­ing the law into their own hands in times to come out of sheer frus­tra­tion and while this low life el­e­ment still holds com­mu­ni­ties to ran­som let's just hope that frus­tra­tion doesn't boil over.

Lev­els of bur­glar­ies have rock­eted in re­cent years.

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