Plan­ning an En­gage­ment Party

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HAV­ING AN en­gage­ment party is a good way to in­tro­duce your fi­ancé or fi­ancée to your fam­ily and friends. To­day, in our mo­bile so­ci­ety, the bride and groom may not live near fam­ily or old friends. There­fore, hav­ing an en­gage­ment party is a quick way to in­tro­duce a fu­ture spouse to a group of peo­ple at one time. The fol­low­ing tips will help you plan a suc­cess­ful party.

• The par­ents of the ei­ther the bride or groom usu­ally host the party, though a grand­par­ent, an aunt and un­cle, a close friend of the par­ents, or a god­par­ent may choose to host it in­stead. If both sets of par­ents live in the same com­mu­nity and are ac­quainted, they might co-host the party.

• It is okay to have two en­gage­ment par­ties, each hosted by one set of par­ents, if the par­ents of the bride and groom live in dif­fer­ent com­mu­ni­ties and have dif­fer­ent friends. If both fam­i­lies live in the same com­mu­nity, only one party is held and both sets of par­ents are in­vited. How­ever, only the friends of the host­ing par­ents are in­vited un­less both sets of par­ents co­host the party.

• The pur­pose of the party is to cel­e­brate the en­gage­ment. There­fore, the party should be held shortly af­ter the en­gage­ment oc­curs and sev­eral months be­fore the wed­ding. If most of the guests don’t yet know about the en­gage­ment, the host­ing par­ent might an­nounce the en­gage­ment at the party.

• In­vite only close friends and fam­ily who are also friends of the bride or groom, not just the par­ent’s friends. Don't in­vite peo­ple that you don’t ex­pect to in­vite to the wed­ding.

• Keep the party sim­ple and re­laxed. You might have a bar­beque or a cock­tail party with­out a pre-planned pro­gram and at which guests can min­gle and visit.

• Gifts aren’t usu­ally given at en­gage­ment par­ties. If they are, it is most of­ten a bot­tle of wine or a wed­ding plan­ning book for the bride. The cou­ple might ac­cept any gifts that they re­ceive, then put them aside to be opened at a later time so that guests who didn’t bring any­thing don’t feel awk­ward. Gifts of wine or food do not need to be served at the party.

Hav­ing an en­gage­ment party is a way to of­fi­cially kick off the wed­ding plan­ning process, so en­joy your time as you get bet­ter ac­quainted with each other’s fam­i­lies and friends.

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