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Find as many words as pos­si­ble us­ing these letters. Each must use the cen­tral let­ter and at least 3 oth­ers, and letters may be used only once. Plu­rals, for­eign words or proper nouns are not per­mit­ted, but verb forms end­ing in ‘s’ are. There is one 9-let­ter word to be found. How you rate: 15, OK; 25, good; 35, great; 40, ex­cel­lent.

SO­LU­TIONS TO LAST WEEK’S WORDSQUARE: ad­dle, ad­dles, adds, aide, aided, aids, ailed, aside, dais, dale, dead, deal, deals, deed, dele, deli, dial, di­als, died, dies, diesel, eased, elide, elided, elides, idea, ideal, ide­alise, ide­alised, ides, idle, idled, idles, lad­die, lade, laded, lades, laid, lased, lead, leaded, leads, leased, li­aised, lied, sad­dle, said, sailed, sealed, seed, side, sided, si­dle, si­dled, sled, slid, slide.

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