Fair City

WAYNE and Orla are still at log­ger­heads. Orla tries to clear the air by re­mind­ing Wayne that they have their first baby scan at the hospi­tal. How­ever, a res­o­lute Wayne in­forms Orla that he won't be at­tend­ing the scan as he has a meet­ing with the credit union. Un­known to Orla, Wayne has se­cured their fu­ture by get­ting the lease for McCoy's.

Later that day, Wayne gets an­other op­por­tu­nity to ask Tommy his true thoughts about hav­ing more chil­dren. He is re­lieved when Tommy ad­mits that he could never have chil­dren again un­less they were with Ju­dith. As the day continues, Orla is over­joyed when Wayne shares his good news about se­cur­ing the lease. Wayne tells her that he is com­mit­ted to bring­ing up their child and will not al­low Tommy Dil­lon to ruin an­other child's life.

Else­where, Decco's wounded pride makes things dif­fi­cult for Caoimhe.

Also to­day, Dolores makes a de­ci­sion that has con­se­quences for Kerri-Ann.

Corona­tion Street

TROU­BLED by Tina's con­fes­sion that she might be preg­nant, Peter vis­its a pub to drown his sor­rows. An­swer­ing Peter's call for a cab, Steve is hor­ri­fied to find him drunk. Steve con­cocts a cover story to tell Carla and Michelle and books them both in a room overnight to let Peter sober up. But with guilt eat­ing away at him, will Peter con­fess his dirty se­cret to Steve?

Mean­while, still un­able to come to terms with the news that her mum is leav­ing Weather­field, Eva com­plains to Ja­son about how self­ish Stella is. But when Tony tells her that she should sup­port her mum, will a pen­sive Eva make up with Stella be­fore she leaves?

Else­where, Owen feels ashamed when he is forced to ask Tim to pay for Faye's school trip as money is tight at the mo­ment.


LUCY and Lauren head to the Bran­ning house and are quickly joined by Whit­ney, who is em­bar­rassed af­ter what hap­pened. How­ever, it quickly be­comes clear that Lucy would rather be some­where else. When some in­sen­si­tive be­hav­iour from Lucy upsets Whit­ney fur­ther, Lucy seizes this op­por­tu­nity to leave. Af­ter re­ceiv­ing an­other text mes­sage, she heads off.

Mean­while, Ma­sood is well aware that Jane is us­ing him, but he de­cides to play along any­way. Shabnam ends up leav­ing the din­ner party and is crushed over the fail­ure of her plan. Later, Ma­sood re­turns home and ex­plains that he and Jane aren't re­ally to­gether.

Fi­nally, Jake goes all-out as he pre­pares a spe­cial meal for two. With Aleks watch­ing on, he anx­iously awaits his guest's ar­rival.


WHEN A guest posts a re­view on the B&B's web­site an­nounc­ing that a mem­ber of staff is HIV pos­i­tive, Finn au­to­mat­i­cally as­sumes that it's an at­tack on him. How­ever, a chat with Vic­to­ria and Diane soon re­veals that it is Val.

Val is mor­ti­fied to learn of the re­view, but when news of the post spreads round the vil­lage, she takes it upon her­self to an­nounce her sta­tus. How will ev­ery­one re­act?

Mean­while, ten­sions re­main high at the Din­gle house­hold, with Lisa and Zak still at log­ger­heads over his de­ci­sion to take Belle to the po­lice. Their mar­riage is on the verge of end­ing, but can they put their dif­fer­ences aside for the sake of the fam­ily?

Fi­nally, Ber­nice em­barks on a new busi­ness ad­ven­ture, de­cid­ing the vil­lage is in need of a sa­lon.

Lauren wor­ries about Lucy’s se­cre­tive be­hav­iour.

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