TV3 TV3 ‘ ‘ People’s De­bate’ not re­ally one at all


I HAVE to say one thing about Vin­cent Browne, he's great fod­der for a TV col­umn! You'd never be stuck for some­thing to say about him, whether it be good or bad. And he was back last week with the much her­alded People's De­bate, this time with an all women au­di­ence (God help us) to dis­cuss the mo­tion, ‘Are Ir­ish women lib­er­ated at last?’

And as he pointed out at the be­gin­ning of the show, it was very timely given we were cel­e­brat­ing the 100th An­niver­sary of Cu­mann na mBan to hold such a de­bate. So far so good.

It all went down hill for there on in with a more sub­dued than nor­mal Vin­cenzo look­ing quite un­com­fort­able in his sur­round­ings. Could you blame him? The amount of oe­stro­gen fly­ing around the stu­dio must have been deadly!

It wasn't long be­fore there were hand­bags at dawn with var­i­ous rep­re­sen­ta­tives from all sorts of wom­ens groups com­plain­ing they weren't get­ting enough fund­ing, at­ten­tion, air time, yada yada yada.

One lady was quite in­dig­nant that there were no men there. ‘Where are the men?’ she asked in­cred­u­lously.

‘Did you not read the in­vite?’ quipped Vin­cenzo, not let­ting her away with it. Good on ya Vinny al­though to be fair, if TV3 tried a stunt like that with a male only au­di­ence there'd be world war three.

It be­came clear very quickly that this re­ally wasn't a de­bate. There was no co­he­sive for­mat, or agenda of items to dis­cuss. They went from rant­ing about abor­tion, to sin­gle par­ent­hood, low pay for women to gay rights. It was all rather te­dious and pre­dictable.

Vin­cent Browne wasn't the only one who heaved a bloody big sigh of re­lief when it was all over!

I love my food pro­grammes and Masterchef UK is one of my all time favourites. You'd have to won­der though what ex­actly are Gregg Wal­lace's qual­i­fi­ca­tions apart from be­ing able to shovel vast quan­ti­ties of food into his gob! His back­ground is that of a green gro­cer and he now owns a cou­ple of restaurants but apart from an ob­vi­ous love of food, he doesn't ap­pear to bring any other skills to the show. It would make you won­der what gives him the right to slag some­body else's food off when he can't boil an egg him­self.

John Torode, on the other hand can cook but has the per­son­al­ity of a plank so maybe the two sim­ply bal­ance each other out. Last week's pro­gramme showed the con­tes­tants hav­ing to choose from boxes of in­gre­di­ents, half of which I'd never heard of be­fore, to cre­ate a dish. French per­sonal trainer To­mas cooked smoked duck a l'or­ange with a load of foamy stuff on the side while Mark made a de­con­structed car­bonara.

What a load of gob­shitery! De­con­structed car­bonara?? What does that even mean? Mean­while the boys didn't seem gone on any of them but did thor­oughly en­joy Celiyah's salt fish which Greg de­scribed as ‘knock­ing on the door of de­li­cious.’ High praise in­deed even if he did give her the boot af­ter­wards.

Vin­cent Browne wasn't the only one who heaved a big sigh of re­lief when the 'People's De­bate' was over

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