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Fair City

TEN­SION IS still rife be­tween Orla and Wayne. Orla re­alises that Wayne is more con­cerned about ob­tain­ing the lease for McCoy's than her and the baby's health.

Later, when Orla re­turns from sign­ing the lease, she is still un­well but Wayne is pre­oc­cu­pied with news that she has signed the lease. When Dolores and Kerri-Ann ar­rive for their lunch, Orla's pain re­turns and she in­forms them that she is bleed­ing. Dolores in­sists that she goes to the hospi­tal im­me­di­ately.

Mean­while, Arm­strong con­fronts Tommy for in­volv­ing him in his sin­is­ter plan and re­veals that he knows he is the one stalk­ing Ju­dith. Tommy loses his rag and threat­ens to kill Arm­strong if he ever breathes a word of what he knows.

Else­where, Ray gives Paul an ul­ti­ma­tum, while Kerri-Ann has to choose be­tween Mondo's plans and her own.

Corona­tion Street

PHE­LAN TELLS Anna to meet him at his ho­tel room at 3pm if she wants to get Owen and Gary off the hook. Telling Roy that she feels un­well, Anna takes the af­ter­noon off and heads to Phe­lan's room.

Mean­while, An­drea agrees to give an apologetic Steve an­other chance and they make a start on their his­tory project. Feel­ing peck­ish, Steve slips out to get them a ke­bab, but when he re­turns An­drea has fallen asleep. Steve wakes An­drea, but she mis­takes him for Lloyd and pulls him in for a hug just as Michelle and Lloyd en­ter. How will they ex­plain them­selves?

Also, Ty­rone is hor­ri­fied when he gets a call from the po­lice to say that Kirsty has been re­leased from prison.


CAIN TRIES to con­vince Belle to change her mind about plead­ing guilty, but to no avail.

Later, Cain vis­its Dom in the hope that he might in­ter­vene and stop Belle from throw­ing her life away, but Dom is adamant that Belle de­serves ev­ery­thing she gets and tries to pro­voke Cain. Cain curbs his tem­per, but has his visit made things worse for Belle?

Else­where, Char­ity and Jai's di­vorce is fi­nalised, leading the way for Me­gan and Jai to go pub­lic with their ro­mance, but Rob­bie wor­ries about how De­clan will re­act.

Fi­nally, Donna ar­rives back in the vil­lage with her daugh­ter April af­ter re­ceiv­ing Mar­lon's mes­sage.


PETER HAS planned a ro­man­tic trip to The Shard for Lola, but she be­comes in­se­cure over what to wear - and things get worse when she ends up with baby sick on her. Later, Abi and Jay join Peter and Lola, but it's not long be­fore Jay and Peter start to ar­gue about Lola. When Lola flees, Jay chases af­ter her and al­most kisses her. Lola runs away again, but is knocked down by Ron­nie at the ex­act spot where Danielle was killed…

Mean­while, Carol's good news about her tu­mour re­duc­ing in size is over­shad­owed by the guilt she feels that her daugh­ter has the faulty BRCA gene.

Else­where, Roxy de­cides to turn the ta­bles on Ron­nie af­ter her re­cent in­ter­fer­ence, so she tries to set her up with Char­lie. Ron­nie is wor­ried about Roxy's re­la­tion­ship with Aleks when he ar­ranges an­other date with her, so she forces Aleks to can­cel their plans.

Ten­sion is still rife be­tween Orla and Wayne in Fair City.

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