Cri­sis feels a lit­tle far fetched for my lik­ing!


NBC'S LAT­EST drama/thriller hit our screens to wide­spread an­tic­i­pa­tion last week, but I'm not sure if the first episode of Cri­sis on TV3 lived up to our ex­pec­ta­tions. I'm a sucker for a juicy plot and this cer­tainly has one as the main plot re­volves around a bus­load of school kids be­ing kid­napped. Not only that, but they in­clude the son of the Pres­i­dent of the United States, the daugh­ter of the CEO of a multi mil­lion dol­lar com­pany etc etc. It has all the nec­es­sary el­e­ments to make it a great thriller - the White House, the FBI, the CIA and throw in a bit of teenage angst and Gil­lian An­der­son and you would think you were on to a win­ner.

But some­how it left me feel­ing a lit­tle bit dis­ap­pointed. Re­la­tion­ships within the show are com­pli­cated. It turns out that Gil­lian An­der­son isn't re­ally the mother of her daugh­ter, FBI Agent Susie Dunn, played by Rachel Tay­lor is, and she also hap­pens to be An­der­son's sis­ter. Der­mot Mul­roney plays the part of a fa­ther who is es­tranged from his daugh­ter and chap­er­on­ing the whole trip. But it turns out he is the mas­ter­mind be­hind the whole thing. It all seems a bit far fetched, es­pe­cially the bit when the kid­nap­pers re­move the gps track­ing de­vices from the kid­napped kids teeth while they're se­dated. Se­ri­ously?!

It's hard to see how they're go­ing to stretch this plot over 13 episodes but it has po­ten­tial. Let's hope Gil­lian An­der­son saves the day!

On ben­e­fits and Proud on TV3

The Bri­tish job­less cost the govern­ment €100 mil­lion a day in ben­e­fits ac­cord­ing to the fly on the wall doc­u­men­tary se­ries, On ben­e­fits and Proud on TV3 last week. The se­ries pro­duc­ers ob­vi­ously went to great ef­forts to scrape the very bot­tom of the bar­rel when com­ing up with the se­ries stars such as Heather, a 37 year old mum of a so many chil­dren I lost count, who re­ceived €900 a week in ben­e­fits and was in line for a six bed €500,000 house from the coun­cil. Or there was Sophie and Emma, sin­gle mums liv­ing in Cam­den, one of Lon­don's most ex­pen­sive ar­eas, who spent their time vis­it­ing nail bars and go­ing out club­bing till 8 am and who reck­oned they could come off all ben­e­fits if they were earn­ing €30,000 a year. But noth­ing less, mind!

And what about Julie and Vinny Bi­en­v­enue (they had to have made that name up!) from Liver­pool who hadn't worked for six years and had no in­ten­tions of work­ing for the next sixty I'd say. The only hard graft ei­ther of them had ever done was work­ing the sys­tem! Julie spent her time smok­ing fags and giv­ing out about the tight fisted b******s down the coun­cil, whilst Vinny lay on the couch, any couch and moaned about the state of the house. The pro­duc­ers worked out that the cou­ple spent more on fags and their TV pack­age each month than they did on food, al­though you wouldn't have known it from the size of Julie!

It was shock­ing, scan­dalous and great bloody TV, the kind that makes you shout “scum­bags” at the telly!

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