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1. In which coun­try did the No form of theatre orig­i­nate? A. Amer­ica, B. Ja­pan, C. The Philip­pines, D. Korea. 2. In which state of the USA is the Grand Canyon sit­u­ated? A. Ari­zona, B. South Dakota, C. Colorado, D. Mon­tana. 3. Which King of the Scots de­feated the English forces at Ban­nock­burn in 1314? A. Wil­liam Wal­lace, B. James I, C. Mac­beth I, D. Robert the Bruce. 4. Which Bri­tish film ac­tor wrote the au­to­bi­og­ra­phy The Moon’s a Bal­loon? A. David Niven, B. Hugh Grant, C. Stephen Fry, D. Rowan Atkin­son. 5. Of which ocean is the Sar­gasso Sea a sec­tion? A. The Pa­cific Ocean, B. The At­lantic Ocean, C. The Arc­tic Ocean, D. The In­dian Ocean. 6. At which English race­course is the Grand Na­tional Steeple­chase run? A. Ep­som, B. As­cot, C. New­mar­ket, D. Ain­tree. 7. Which Ger­man philoso­pher co-wrote The Com­mu­nist Man­i­festo with Friedrich En­gels? A. En­gels, B. Ni­et­zsche, C. Marx, D. Lenin. 8. Which type of for­ti­fied wine was orig­i­nally made around the Span­ish city of Jerez de la Fron­tera? A. Port, B. Ver­mouth, C. Jerez, D. Sherry. SO­LU­TIONS TO LAST WEEK’S PUB QUIZ: 1. C; 2. A; 3. B; 4. A; 5. B; 6. D; 7. C; 8. D.

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