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You'd want to be made of stone not to have shed a tear over Easten­ders last week fol­low­ing the mur­der of Lucy Beale. Hats off to Adam Woody­att who plays Ian for a ster­ling per­for­mance in the aftermath of his daugh­ter's death, even re­duc­ing Phil to tears! Who'd have thought! At least we now know that the Beales have got an up­stairs, when Ian was filmed in his bed­room for the first time ever! View­ing fig­ures for last Tues­day's episode when Lucy was mur­dered, topped 8.4 mil­lion, the high­est rat­ings for Easten­ders this year.

This week as the Beale fam­ily are try­ing to come to terms with Lucy's death, the po­lice in­form them that she was hav­ing an af­fair with some­one that could well be her mur­derer. Ian de­cides to con­duct his own in­ves­ti­ga­tion start­ing with an in­ter­ro­ga­tion of David Wicks. David

sus­pects Max and con­fronts him. Mean­while it's be­com­ing more and more clear that Lucy was leading a se­cret life. Did they re­ally know her at all?

Corona­tion Street

Corona­tion Street ap­pears a bit lack­lus­tre these days in com­par­i­son to the drama in Easten­ders with the love tri­an­gle be­tween Nick, Leanne and Kal drag­ging on and on. This week Nick in­vites Kal to join him­self and Leanne at the Bistro for din­ner. Awk­ward!! Leanne ends up back at the flat with Kal and na­ture takes its course! Even­tu­ally their con­science gets the bet­ter of them and they de­cide to call it quits for fear of break­ing Nick's heart. What's the bet­ting Leanne is preg­nant?!


Donna fi­nally blurts out her se­cret to Rhona this week in Em­merdale - that she has ter­mi­nal cancer. The doc­tors have in­formed her that she may only have six months to live and she sud­denly re­alises how much of April's life she is go­ing to miss out on. Donna begs Rhona to keep quiet as she wants to be the one who tells Mar­lon but Rhona takes mat­ters into her own hands. Mean­while there's dou­ble trou­ble for Char­ity and De­clan when it's re­vealed that their wed­ding day co­in­cides with Cain and Moiras. How will the Din­gles sort that one out?

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