Fear of vi­o­lence will de­ter Good Samaritans

Bray People - - OPINION - with Deb­o­rah Cole­man

A23 year old woman died in Ger­many this week fol­low­ing in­juries sus­tained when she in­ter­vened in an at­tack on two teenage girls.

Her tragic death has sparked de­bate all over the world about whether or not in­ter­ven­ing is the right thing to do.

Help­ing some­one in dif­fi­culty is never a bad thing but how many of us would be will­ing to risk our lives to do this?

Gone are the days where a sharp word from a passer by would put an end to any in­tim­i­da­tion. Now the most likely course of events is that the at­tack­ers will trans­fer their venom to the in­no­cent Good Sa­mar­i­tan.

This woman is sadly a per­fect ex­am­ple of this. For her good dead she was beaten to death.

A re­cent so­cial ex­per­i­ment in Swe­den also re­flected pub­lic re­luc­tance to in­ter­vene in do­mes­tic ar­gu­ments. A staged fight be­tween a cou­ple in an el­e­va­tor saw just one out of 53 mem­bers of the pub­lic in­ter­vene and ex­press con­cern.

The rest were loathe to in­ter­fere in a pri­vate in­ci­dent even if it ap­peared that one of the cou­ple was be­ing in­tim­i­dated.

Per­haps the cou­ple would have told them to back off and mind their own business but per­haps the party un­der at­tack was se­cretly cry­ing out for as­sis­tance.

There are many oc­ca­sions in life where we think it best to keep our­selves to our­selves and not to med­dle in the business of oth­ers yet how many times have we thought ‘I should have said some­thing’.

There’s a fine line be­tween be­ing a busy­body and gen­uinely help­ing some­one in need and we never re­ally know what is go­ing on.

Of course the real is­sue is the fact that any­body would be as­saulted in any man­ner, never mind to the point where they die as a re­sult.

The level of vi­o­lence preva­lent in so­ci­ety to­day is spi­ralling out of con­trol and is be­com­ing more ac­cepted all the time.

When that woman in Ger­many stood up to those at­tack­ers they didn’t stop and run they de­cided that she was their vic­tim in­stead.

Thugs like this have ab­so­lutely no moral com­pass and put no value on hu­man life. This can­not be tol­er­ated in any cor­ner of so­ci­ety.

Cases such as this will also fur­ther de­ter us from speak­ing out and we will be even more in­clined to keep our mouths shut.

How many of us would in­ter­vene in vi­o­lence, do­mes­tic or oth­er­wise?

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