Va­le­rian a nat­u­ral rem­edy for get­ting sleep


ARE you hAv­ing dif­fi­culty get­ting to sleep? Per­hAps worry ,stress or Anx­i­ety is keep­ing you AwAke. Other reA­sons in­clude A de­fi­ciency in mAg­ne­sium, shift work, drink­ing cof­fee lAte in the evening, hot flushes, And mov­ing house, liv­ing Alone or cop­ing with Be­reAve­ment.

Sleep is one of the most im­por­tAnt func­tions of the hu­mAn Body; we All know the ef­fects of miss­ing out on it. Some peo­ple mAn­Age Bet­ter thAn oth­ers, sur­viv­ing on four or five hours, while oth­ers will need At leAst eight hours. LAck of sleep will Af­fect At­ten­tion, Alert­ness, con­cen­trA­tion, en­ergy lev­els, how our skin looks, And is As­so­ci­Ated with lower IQ in chil­dren. So if you cAn’t sleep you re­Ally need to find A so­lu­tion.

VA­le­riAn is A herBAl rem­edy with sedA­tive prop­er­ties which hAs trA­di­tion­Ally Been used to help sleep proB­lems. It Also helps re­lAx­Ation, tense mus­cles And Anx­i­ety. One pos­i­tive Ben­e­fit is to help you get BAck into A reg­u­lAr pAt­tern of sleep­ing. VA­le­riAn is not Ad­dic­tive; it doesn’t mAke you feel groggy And tired the next dAy. You will find VA­le­riAn tABlets, orAl liq­uid or teA.

A Vo­gel, DormeAsAn is A com­Bi­nA­tion of VA­le­riAn And Hops, Both herBs Are mild sedA­tives. This rem­edy helps you to get A Bet­ter quAl­ity, And deeper sleep so thAt you en­ter the REM stAge quicker, which is A cru­ciAl stAge of sleep. With­out this stAge you won’t feel re­freshed or re­vi­tAlised After sleep. Peo­ple hAve told me thAt it works quite quickly, which is greAt. It’s suit­ABle for young chil­dren too. You should Al­wAys check with your doc­tor if you Are on Any med­i­cA­tion Be­fore tAk­ing sup­ple­ments.

Think ABout whAt it is thAt’s keep­ing you AwAke. The so­lu­tion for you mAy Be DormeAsAn, or it could Be A herBAl teA like Snore And PeAce, or Res­cue Night to switch of your over­Ac­tive mind. A com­Bi­nA­tion of th­ese might even Be re­quired .Ev­ery­one is dif­fer­ent. But whAt­ever it tAkes, I do hope thAt you get A good night’s sleep!

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