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Pete wakes hav­ing spent the night on the couch. He tries to con­vince Dolores that he didn’t mean to lie to her and he thought he would have the di­vorce pushed through in time with­out hav­ing to worry her. How­ever, Dolores is not con­vinced and quickly be­comes sus­pi­cious of Jackie, think­ing that she messed up the pa­per­work on pur­pose. Dolores is stunned when Pete then con­fesses that it was his fault. He tries to ex­plain what hap­pened, but Dolores doesn’t want to hear it.

At the same time, Doug sug­gests that Jackie starts look­ing at places in Car­rigstown to live and shows her some places to let in the area. Mean­while, Yvonne puts her plan of re­venge on Dan into ac­tion. Else­where, Mondo un­leashes his woes on Kerri-Ann about hav­ing no money or friends. She ad­vises Mondo to start again.

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