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‘BRING back the Dis­trict Boards’.

That was the case made by the Hol­ly­wood del­e­gates at the County Con­ven­tion held a year ago.

While this did not ap­pear to get big gen­eral support for the idea, ei­ther from the floor or the top ta­ble the mo­tion still got through.

The Chair­man Martin Cole­man de­cided to give the clubs plenty of time to pon­der the change and did not move to put the idea into ac­tion un­til re­cent weeks.

First he held meet­ings with peo­ple that he felt were sym­pa­thetic to the idea in all four dis­tricts; then it was con­ven­tion time and first up was the West Con­ven­tion, held in the new club­house in Hol­ly­wood.

That went off al­right. Nine of the 10 clubs in the area sent del­e­gates. All po­si­tions on the new board were filled and a date and venue was agreed for a first fix­tures meet­ing.

There, how­ever, the suc­cess story ended.

The other three Dis­trict Con­ven­tions were fixed for Tues­days night the 25th. The South was due to meet­ing Aughrim but only one club turned up;

The attendance at the North gath­er­ing in the Eire Og Club house in Grey­stones was bet­ter but while the attendance were in­ter­ested in ex­tra fix­tures no one wanted to take on the job.

No in­ter­est at all in the East where the meet­ing was fixed for the St. Pa­trick’s club­house at Dun­bur Park.

So where does Martin and his man­age­ment com­mit­tee go from here?

They could just say “for­get the whole lot, the Clubs just don’t want change”.

But that would be to ig­nore the mo­tion that was passed a year ago – and what hap­pened in the West.

They could ask Hol­ly­wood to have a re-think and with­draw the sug­ges­tion - or – they could have a look at the his­tory books and do what their fore­fa­thers did just over 100 years ago – give the West their own board and leave the door open for the other dis­tricts to come in if and when it suited them.

Per­haps we may hear more on that sub­ject at the up­com­ing County Con­ven­tion.


On the same night, the new West Board held their first fix­tures meet­ing in Hol­ly­wood.

The Chair­man John Stones was un­able to at­tend due to the death of his brother Robert.

Pat Dunne chaired the meet­ing with the trea­surer Louise Allen tak­ing over as sec­re­tary for the night.

It was de­cided to start off with two com­pe­ti­tions, the Hen­nessy Cup and the Wilson/Buttle Cup.

Teams in the Hen­nessy Cup – Balt­in­glass, Bless­ing­ton, Dunlavin, Hol­ly­wood and Val­ley­mount.

Wilson/Buttle Cup – DonardThe Glen; Kil­bride, Kil­te­gan, Strat­ford-Grange­con and Lacken.

The first is­sue to be put to a vote on the night was the start up date for both com­pe­ti­tions.

Pat Dunne in­formed the meet­ing that the CCC were about to start the new Un­der-20 foot­ball cham­pi­onship so the next two Sun­days would be out.

Frank O’Neill from the Strat­ford-Grange­con club pro­posed putting the start up date be put back to Jan­uary.

J.P. Mo­ran of Bless­ing­ton sec­onded that.

The Chair­man Pat Dunne re­minded the meet­ing that if the com­pe­ti­tions did not start be­fore the end of this year they would run into the same prob­lems they had in the past.

Clubs who did not have their In­surance paid in Jan­uary could not be al­lowed to play in new com­pe­ti­tions.

If the Leagues were up and run­ning they would be al­lowed to con­tinue

Val­ley­mount pro­posed that the com­pe­ti­tions start as soon as pos­si­ble and that was sec­onded by Donard-The Glen. The two pro­pos­als were put to the floor and the Val­ley­mount pro­posal got through by one vote.

So for the mo­ment at least the West is up and run­ning with the first match in the Wilson/Buttle Cup be­tween Donard-The Glen and Kil­te­gan sched­uled to take place on Sun­day next, De­cem­ber 7. Rules of Com­pe­ti­tions Min­i­mum of 13-a-side for both com­pe­ti­tions. Venue: If home venue is not avail­able the fix­ture is re­versed.

Top two teams in the fi­nal, score dif­fer­ence is ap­pli­ca­ble.

Matches are fixed for 11am on Sun­day morn­ings, this may only be changed on agree­ment by both clubs.

It had been de­cided on the night the new board was set up there would be an en­try fee of £50 per team; If a club gave a walk over than they for­feited their money. Fix­tures Hen­nessy Cup - De­cem­ber 14 - Hol­ly­wood v Dunlavin In Hol­ly­wood; Jan­uary 18 - Bless­ing­ton v Val­ley­mount In Bless­ing­ton; Balt­in­glass Bye

Wilson Buttle - De­cem­ber 7 - Donard-The Glen v Kil­te­gan in Donard (1.30pm); Jan­uary 18 - Strat­ford-Grange­con v Kil­bride in Strat­ford; Lacken Bye.

The re­main­ing fix­tures will be com­plete by the Wick­low CCC.

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