Who will protest for those who need it most?

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SO­CIAL­IST TD Paul Murphy was quoted in re­cent days as say­ing he was ‘elected to break the law’.

He was speak­ing about the wa­ter charges, of course and added that he en­gages in ‘civil dis­obe­di­ance’ all the time.

Deputy Murphy ap­peared to be quite sure of his decision to boy­cott wa­ter charges but once again the in­no­cent me­ter in­stall­ers were get­ting an ear­ful about the is­sue for sim­ply try­ing to do their job.

The wa­ter charge is­sue has rum­bled on for so long now and I for one am get­ting worn down by lis­ten­ing to the whole thing.

There are so many more im­por­tant is­sues that are at risk of be­ing over­looked due to con­stant and in­ces­sant de­bate on the wa­ter saga.

The wa­ter charges are the last straw for a lot of peo­ple who agree that clean wa­ter with an ad­e­quate in­fras­truc­tural sys­tem doesn’t come for free but as they now can­not af­ford the charges they have taken to the streets.

It is good to see peo­ple stand­ing up for some­thing they be­lieve in but some of those I hear speak­ing about it seem to be en­joy­ing it just a lit­tle too much, almost as if they go along for the day out.

The thing is how­ever, the time to re­ally protest about crip­pling charges be­ing im­posed on us was years back when the USC was in­tro­duced. The wa­ter charges are only a frac­tion of this and should be af­ford­able if our tax sys­tem was struc­tured bet­ter.

As some­one who has been pay­ing for wa­ter and sewage ser­vices pri­vately since the day I took out my mort­gage this gets on my nerves be­cause there are some peo­ple in so­ci­ety who want ev­ery­thing for noth­ing.

Where is my tax re­bate on this? I’d say I’ll be wait­ing for a long time.

When it comes to money noth­ing will get peo­ple onto the streets quicker and noth­ing gets tem­pers flar­ing.

Why are there no protests about the appalling treat­ment of those in Aras At­tracta, the home­less­ness on our streets and the re­duc­tion in Childline ser­vices?

How come th­ese is­sues get a few days of lip ser­vice, tem­po­rary out­rage and are then for­got­ten about? Where are the peo­ple of Ire­land when it comes to stand­ing up for those who need a voice and pro­tec­tion?

We see re­port after re­port com­mis­sioned with no clear out­comes and no ac­count­abil­ity and we ac­cept this with­out ques­tion, and why? Be­cause as long as it doesn’t af­fect us di­rectly we sadly, just don’t care enough.

Paul Murphy TD who said he was elected to break the law.

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