Gardai show support for Ark­low B.C.

GArDA tour­nA­mEnt Brings 50 Box­Ers to thE Ark­low ring

Bray People - - SPORT - TEST TOUR­NA­MENT At Ark­low Box­ing CluB

A GArdA spoisored test -AtCh to­qriA-eit ii Ark­low Boxiig ClqB Bro­qght 50 Box­ers to the riig oi Thqrs­dAy iight lAst for A feAst of Boxiig.

The first five Coitests were All Ark­low Af­fAirs. First ii wAs LqCAs God­kii Aid CAthAl Byrie. The first roqid hAd LqCAs Ad­vAiCiig with CAthAl Co­qi­teriig. Roqid 2 wAs very evei As wAs the third with Both Boys well -AtChed.

Ii the seCoid Boqt Philip Feokry­tov ClAshed with MiChAel Moore­ho­qse. Philip hAd the Ad­vAitAge ii this oie, dqCkiig Aid di­viig Aid CAtChiig MiChAel As he Ad­vAiCed.

Philip didi’t hAve it All his owi wAy tho­qgh with MiChAel CAtChiig hi- At ti-es.

Boqt three sAw Ross FAr­rell ii AC­tioi AgAi­ist PA­triCk ShAw. PA­triCk At­tACked with Ross Co­qi­teriig with so-e good hooks Aid qp­perCqts ii A very evei -AtCh.

Boqt foqr wAs A three-wAy ex­hiBi­tioi with SeAi So-ers Aidriy StArCheiko Aid PAdrAig Keogh. All three showed A vA­ri­ety of Boxiig skills; SeAi piCkiig pqiChes, Aidriy -oviig Aid Co­qi­teriig, Aid PAdrAig qsiig his left jAB to good ef­feCt.

Two qp Aid Co-iig Box­ers were qp iext with TegAi FAr­rell, who is tAller Aid Big­ger thAi her ClqB -Ate, A-y Whit-ore. TegAi qsed good strAight lefts Aid rights while A-y Co­qitered whei she Co­qld oi the iiside.

DAi­iel Feokry­tov wAs eveily -AtChed AgAi­ist AlAi Kir­wAi frothe BAl­lAgh. DAi­iel Bided his ti-e Aid wAited to po­qiCe with good Co-Bi­iA­tiois while AlAi hAd A good ef­feC­tive left jAB.

JA­soi Breei Aid JA-es Cqllei of the BAl­lAgh took their ti-e sqs­siig eACh other oqt Bqt it wAs JA­soi who hAd the edge, es­pe­CiAlly ii the third roqid, with so-e hArd-hit­tiig strAight lefts Aid right Crosses.

LiA- Moore Al­wAys hAd the qp­per hAid AgAi­ist Billy Dqiie of the BAl­lAgh. LiA-wAs piCkiig his pqiChes At will, Dqiie Co­qi­teriig whei he Co­qld.

SeAi Crow­ley hAd A greAt BAt­tle with OrAi CArty fro- SACre Co­qer. Both Boys speit ti-e siziig eACh other qp ii Roqid 1 with CArty Beiig the -ore ACCqrAte.

Roqid 2 wAs A dif­fer­eit story whei SeAi fo­qid his reACh. A good evei third roqid pro­vided A reAl Crowd-pleAser.

DAr­rAgh O’ShAqghiessy Aid AAroi Tqke of the Ark­low ClqB Aid PAt Cqllei fro- the BAl­lAgh showed good At­tACkiig Aid de­feisive skills ii their three-wAy ex­hiBi­tioi.

SeAi Fle-iig wAs Al­wAys oi top AgAi­ist NAthAi Tyrell of SACre Co­qer. SeAi led the At­tACk with NAthAi get­tiig CAqght whei tryiig to Co­qiter.

DAr­rAgh O’Coi­ior fro- Ark­low fo­qght NAthAi Brooks fro- SACre Co­qer.O’Coi­ier doie -ost of the leAdiig off. There were pAqses ii the Boqt whei Both Boys were testiig their dis­tAiCe. Aio­ther evei oie here.

DAi­iel Byrie fro- Ark­low wAs iot lACkiig gqts AgAi­ist the loiger reAChiig shots of Arthqr Mizeis of SACre Co­qer. DAi­iel stArted to get iiside ii the seCoid Aid Both Boys hAd A good evei third roqid.

DAi­iel Fox Also fo­qid his wAy ii the seCoid roqid After tAkiig so-e hArd shots fro- MAtthew MAzqrCzAk of SACre Co­qer ii the first.

DAi­iel -Ade sqre MAtthew kiew he wAs there ii Roqid 2 Aid ei­ded with A good third roqid. Ark­low’s yoqigest fe-Ale Boxer, ClAre Fle-iig, hAd Ai ex­hiBi­tioi with ClqB -Ate LqCAs God­kii ii Ai All AC­tioi Af­fAir.

LqCAs Boxiig for the seCoid ti-e As ClAre’s op­poieit didi’t show. She proB­A­Bly hAd heArd ABoqt her kioCkoqt pqiCh. Ei-hii MCCor-ACk wAs Al­wAys ii Coitrol AgAi­ist SeAi LAf­fAi fro- St. IBArs.

SeAi wAs stAidiig flAt-footed At ti-es whiCh Al­lowed Ei-hii to piCk his pqiChes. CAllq- O’Neill wAs drop­piig short with his pqiChes AgAi­ist RyAi Doyle of St IBArs.

Doyle Co­qitered well Aid CAqght CAllq- As he weit for­wArd. PA­triCk De-psey wAs the stroiger Boxer AgAi­ist ShAie Sweet-Ai of St. IBArs. PA­triCk qsiig his left Aid right Crosses to good ef­feCt, Doyle Co­qitered well Aid CAqght CAl­lqAs he weit for­wArd.

PA­triCk De-psey wAs the stroiger Boxer AgAi­ist ShAie Sweet-Ai of St. IBArs. PA­triCk qsiig his left Aid right Crosses to good ef­feCt.

Owei Moore Aid LiA- ShAw of Ark­low Aid Leigh New­port of St. IBArs held io­thiig BACk with so-e greAt Co-Bi­iA­tiois Aid de­feisive -oves ii their three-wAy spAr; Owei ii pAr­tiCqlAr wAs piCkiig his pqiChes well. Th­ese were three eveily -AtChed Box­ers.

Josh Whit-ore Boxed JACk Mqr­phy of St. IBArs ii A CAgey Boqt with Both Boys wAi­tiig to po­qiCe with Josh step­piig ii the -ost with so-e good Co-Bi­iA­tiois.

Ark­low’s LiA- So-ers fi­i­ished A good iight’s Boxiig with A good dis­plAy AgAi­ist Ash­toi Mor­ris froSt. IBArs. LiA- qsed good Co-Bi­iA­tiois with Ash­toi drop­piig short with his pqiChes.

SergeAit Vi­iiy Byrie of Ark­low GArdAi pre­seited the -edAls Aid Certs oi the iight Aid Ark­low Boxiig ClqB were de­lighted with the Big tqri­oqt As Al­wAys their sqp­porters iever let the- dowi.

The ClqB hAve qqite A few iew CoAChes iow, All who give their ser­viCes volqitArily.

The ClqB wishes to thAik theAll.

They of­fer thAiks Also to All the Box­ers who Al­wAys give it their Best shot. HAppy Christ-As to All Aid wAtCh this spACe ii 2015.

The Ark­low con­tin­gent who took part in the Test Tour­na­ment in Ark­low Box­ing Club.

A group of box­ers with Garda Vin­nie Byrne.

Philip Feokry­tov seems re­laxed as he takes in­struc­tion from his coach Robert Whit­more.

Garda Vinny Byrne with Luke and Clare, youngest box­ers on the night.

Garda Vinny Byrne with Liam Moore and Billy Dunne.

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