Star Of Beth­le­hem a good rem­edy for sor­row­ful time


CHRIST­MAS is A hAppy And joy­ful time for most peo­ple, But it cAn Also Be A very sAd time. This yeAr will Be A sAd one for me with the loss of my good friend. MAny of you will hAve lost some­one, ei­ther through Be­reAve­ment, re­lA­tion­ship BreAk­down or sep­A­rA­tion.

WhAt’s help­ing is the mem­ory of my friend’s love of Christ­mAs, the joy she got from choos­ing gifts, wrAp­ping them, And then see­ing the ex­cite­ment on the fAces of the peo­ple she loved when they opened them. I know thAt she would not wAnt me to Be feel­ing sAd At this most ex­cit­ing of times. The mem­ory of her joy And pAs­sion mAkes me smile when I think of her.

StAr of Beth­le­hem is the BAch Flower Rem­edy thAt will help with Be­reAve­ment, sep­A­rA­tion, And loss. It’s sAid to soothe the sor­rows of the heArt. Honey­suckle will help you to cope if you Are liv­ing in the pAst, wish­ing for things to Be the wAy they were. If you find thAt you Are Al­wAys re­flect­ing BAck, Almost stuck in the pAst Honey­suckle will help you to move for­wArd with your life. Your loss mAy cAuse feel­ings of Anx­i­ety And ner­vous feArs of the un­known. Aspen is the one to use if you feel like this. It will help if you Are feel­ing ner­vous in the house on your own, or Anx­ious ABout get­ting some­thing done, or do­ing things on your own. BAch Flower Reme­dies cAn Be used in­di­vid­u­Ally, or up to six cAn Be mixed to­gether in one Bot­tle.

SmAll things cAn mAke A dif­fer­ence. It could Be A Flower Rem­edy, A prAyer, or mAyBe tAlk­ing to A friend or fAm­ily mem­Ber. Ei­ther wAy don’t Bot­tle it up - it’s Bet­ter out thAn in.

So re­mem­Ber thAt Christ­mAs is not the sAme for ev­ery­one. Some­one next to you in the queue could Be in greAt emo­tionAl or phys­i­cAl pAin. A friendly smile cAn go A long wAy.

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