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A KIL­MACANOGUE man who was given last rites twice is sit­ting up, recog­nises faces and gives the thumbs up.

Shane Vick­ers (27) was in an ac­ci­dent in Bray in the early hours of Oc­to­ber 19 and has been se­ri­ously ill in hos­pi­tal ever since.

Shane de­fied the odds to re­gain con­scious­ness in the weeks com­ing up to Christ­mas.

He is tak­ing small amounts of food and has a scrap­book of pho­tos of peo­ple in his life. He can recog­nise and point out dif­fer­ent peo­ple in the photographs.

‘He was anointed twice,’ said a rel­a­tive of his. ‘I firmly be­lieve that it’s a mir­a­cle.

His par­ents Anne and Shay never left his side and the fam­ily spent Christ­mas Day to­gether in St Vincent’s hos­pi­tal.

The ac­ci­dent oc­curred at around 1 a.m. on the morn­ing of Oc­to­ber 19. Shane was walk­ing when he was struck by a car. A passer-by pulled in and ad­min­is­tered first aid un­til paramedics ar­rived.

A Kil­mACAnogue mAn who wAs given lAst rites twiCe is sit­ting up, reCog­nises fACes And gives the thumBs up.

ShAne ViCk­ers (27) wAs in An AC­Ci­dent in BrAy in the eArly hours of OC­to­Ber 19 And hAs Been se­ri­ously ill in hos­pi­tAl ever sinCe.

ShAne de­fied the odds to re­gAin Con­sCious­ness in the weeks Com­ing up to Christ­mAs.

He is tAk­ing smAll Amounts of food And hAs A sCrAp­Book of pho­tos of peo­ple in his life.

He CAn reCog­nise And point out dif­fer­ent peo­ple in the photogrAphs. ‘He wAs Anointed twiCe,’ sAid A rel­A­tive. ‘I firmly Be­lieve thAt it’s A mir­A­Cle. His pAr­ents Anne And ShAy never left his side And the fAm­ily spent Christ­mAs DAy to­gether in St VinCent’s hos­pi­tAl.

His sis­ters Ni­Cole, Emily And Keelin were there Also, As well As ShAy’s pArt­ner.

‘It’s still dAy By dAy,’ sAid A rel­A­tive, Add- ing thAt his friends hAve Been mAr­vel­lous And hAve Been in And out to see him.

‘Ev­ery­one hAs Been very pos­i­tive,’ she sAid, Adding thAt the oC­Cu­pA­tionAl ther­Apy, phys­i­CAl ther­Apy And med­i­CAl CAre ShAne hAs Been get­ting it St VinCent’s hAs Been greAt.

She sAid thAt the med­i­CAl teAms Are very hAppy with his progress.

‘He’s do­ing high five And thumBs up,’ sAid the rel­A­tive.

She sAid thAt his pAr­ents ShAy And Ann CAn­not thAnk the peo­ple of their re­speC­tive Com­mu­ni­ties in WiCk­low town And Kil­mAC, ShAne’s sports teAms And friends enough for their Con­tin­u­ing support And prAyers.

Prior to Be­ing moved to St VinCent’s, the young mAn wAs Be­ing CAred for At BeAu­mont hos­pi­tAl And wAs in Crit­i­CAl Con­di­tion.

The rel­A­tive de­sCriBed the deep sense of re­lief Amongst fAm­ily mem­Bers thAt ShAne is Con­sCious And im­prov­ing.

The fAm­ily spent Christ­mAs dAy to­gether At St VinCent’s, with presents And A tree.

ShAne is A keen soC­Cer, gAeliC foot­BAll And hurl­ing plAyer And is highly re­speCted in sports Cir­Cles in County WiCk­low. He Also CoAChes younger plAy­ers And ref­er­ees mAtChes.

The AC­Ci­dent oC­Curred lAte At night over two months Ago on Kil­lAr­ney RoAd in BrAy.

It wAs Around 1 A.m. And ShAne wAs wAlk­ing Along the roAd when he wAs struCk By A CAr.

A pAsser-By pulled in And Ad­min­is­tered first Aid un­til the Am­Bu­lAnCe Ar­rived And pArAmediCs took over.

His well Be­ing hAs Been At the fore­front of the thoughts of ev­ery­one who knows him ever sinCe.

Shane Vick­ers.

SHAnE ViCk­Ers

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