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10. Call of Duty: Ad­vanced War­fare

This it­er­a­tion of Call of Duty may have done away with the present, but even in the fu­ture it ap­pears the name of the game is still sense­less on­line slaugh­ter. A con­tent-rich mul­ti­player up­date and some slightly shinier graph­ics just nudges this one into bot­tom spot.

09. Ti­tan­fall

This game may have been a dis­ap­point­ment for many, but it is un­de­ni­ably spec­tac­u­lar to wit­ness and a true breath of fresh mul­ti­player FPS air. The classes are per­fectly bal­anced, the maps gor­geously ren­dered, and the thrill of call­ing in a Ti­tan is sec­ond to none.

08. Dragon Age: In­qui­si­tion

It may have a less than com­pelling sto­ry­line, but the huge, gor­geous open world set­ting will make you come back time and again. The com­bat sys­tem is much stronger than in pre­vi­ous ver­sion and the deep RPG me­chan­ics makes it fee like Dragon Age is truly go­ing back to its roots.

07. Forza Hori­zon 2

Although tak­ing its cues from many other games, there’s ab­so­lutely no denying that Forza Hori­zon 2 is by far and wide the leader of the pack. The graph­ics are sheer jaw-drop­ping, the car se­lec­tion is all class and no filler and the hun­dreds of events and ac­tiv­i­ties will have you hooked for hours.

06. Bay­o­netta 2

Re­leased ex­clu­sively for the Wii U, this game builds and im­proves on ev­ery­thing that made the orig­i­nal great, with about a bazil­lion new fea­tures to boot.

05. Des­tiny

Des­tiny was a let down on a lot of lev­els. So many of the things promised in the build-up to its re­lease were left un­ful­filled and, as a re­sult, we were left with a min­i­mal story and an over­sold game. Still, taken at face value, Des­tiny is a stun­ner. Ex­cel­lent com­bat and stun­ning vi­su­als go a long way to­wards mak­ing up for empty prom­ises.

04. As­sas­sin’s Creed: Unity

As­sas­sin’s Creed has al­ways been some­thing of a para­dox. You’re an As­sas­sin, yet it’s not so much smoke and mir­rors as clumsy sword­fight­ing and sur­viv­ing im­pos­si­ble falls. As­sas­sin’s Creed Unity still does noth­ing to break the duck in terms of stealth but it is un­de­ni­aby beau­ti­ful and fea­tures some pretty nifty sand­box as­sas­si­na­tions.

03. GTA V

Though tech­ni­cally not even re­leased this year, the first-per­son ver­sion of the ac­claimed crime game does enough on its own ac­cord to war­rant a place on this list. Rock­star are a sucker for up­dates and have even been nice enough to in­clude a track builder in their lat­est one.

02. The Last Of Us: Re­mas­tered

It speaks vol­umes about the qual­ity of gaming in 2014, that two games that weren’t even orig­i­nally re­leased this year have made this top ten. The Last of Us Re­mas­tered is PS3’s best game brought to the PS4, and it looks ab­so­lutely in­cred­i­ble.

01. Mid­dle-Earth: Shadow of Mor­dor

A Lord of the Rings game that isn’t re­ally a Lord of the Rings game. Ter­rific game­play me­chan­ics, beau­ti­ful vi­su­als and a half de­cent story com­bine to form an almost, but by no means, per­fect game.











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