Bray People - - ENTERTAINMENT -

EMMA is trapped when a sus­pi­cious Finn in­sists that he and Pete should ac­com­pany her to the doc­tors for her test re­sults.

Pete in­sists to Finn that Emma is not ly­ing about her ill­ness, but Finn re­mains un­con­vinced.

At the doc­tors, Emma squirms but she is saved by Belle ar­riv­ing. How will Emma get out of this one?

Mean­while, Liv begs Gabby to cover for her while she de­fies Aaron and goes to Gor­don’s sen­tenc­ing.

Chas gets a call to say Liv is not at school, so Robert says he’ll go to court to sort this out.

When Robert tracks her down, Liv tells him that she needs to see Gor­don get sent down. Robert un­der­stands, sug­gest­ing that he should tell Aaron her rea­son­ing and there’s a thaw­ing be­tween them.

Emma strug­gles to keep her ill­ness lie go­ing.

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