Bray People - - ENTERTAINMENT -

MASK­ING her pain, Izzy as­sures Gary that she’ll be there to support him in court.

Hav­ing ob­tained the num­ber of an­other dealer from Dane, Izzy makes ar­range­ments to meet up with him. When Izzy meets drug dealer Marc, she leads him back to her flat.

How­ever, Izzy makes to pay for her drugs, the po­lice force their way into the flat look­ing for Marc. Al­though Marc legs it, Izzy is de­tained.

When a po­lice of­fi­cer re­fuses to let Izzy take her painkillers, she sees red and charges at him, run­ning over his foot and break­ing it. As a re­sult, she is ar­rested for as­sault­ing a po­lice of­fi­cer.

Mean­while, in the fac­tory, Johnny watches Jenny ad­mir­ingly and Kate clocks their ob­vi­ous chem­istry.

Izzy is ar­rested by the po­lice.

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