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1. Which African coun­try was for­merly known as Abyssinia? A. Al­ge­ria, B. Mozam­bique, C. Ethiopia, D. Egypt. 2. Which English poet and nov­el­ist wrote Novel on Yel­low Pa­per and Not Wav­ing But Drown­ing? A. Ste­vie Jones, B. Ste­vie Black, C. Ste­vie Mathews, D. Ste­vie Smith. 3. What is the state cap­i­tal of New Hamp­shire? A. Con­cord, B. Rich­mond, C. Nor­folk, D. Charleston. 4. In which coun­try is the city Mazat­lan? A. Ukraine, B. Ro­ma­nia, C. Rus­sia, D. Mex­ico. 5. Which Amer­i­can car­toon­ist cre­ated the Li’l Ab­ner comic strip? A. Al Capp, B. Brian Capp, C. Richard Capp, D. Percy Capp. 6. What was Den­nis the Men­ace’s spiky, black pet dog called? A. Gnasher, B. Biter, C. Chom­per, D. Fanger. 7. Who was the leader of the re­bel­lion of the an­gels usu­ally iden­ti­fied with Satan? A. Lucy, B. Lawrence, C. Lu­cifer, D. Lolly. 8. Which Amer­i­can play­wright wrote The Cru­cible and Death of a Sales­man and was mar­ried to Mar­i­lyn Mon­roe? A. Ten­nessee Wil­liams, B. George Bernard Shaw, C. Arthur Miller, D. John Stein­beck.

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