Any­one can suf­fer with an anx­i­ety dis­or­der


HOW are you to­day? Are you feel­ing anx­ious? Is it so in­tense that it is af­fect­ing your life?

As hu­man be­ings we all ex­pe­ri­ence anx­i­ety as a nat­u­ral re­sponse to cer­tain life sit­u­a­tions. It’s nor­mal and healthy and helps us deal with the sit­u­a­tion ap­pro­pri­ately. It’s short term we ex­pe­ri­ence the anx­i­ety and it passes once the event that caused it has passed.

How­ever, if you’re feel­ing so anx­ious that it’s ad­versely af­fect­ing your nor­mal ev­ery­day life you may have an anx­i­ety dis­or­der. There are sev­eral dif­fer­ent types of anx­i­ety dis­or­der which in­clude gen­eral anx­i­ety, so­cial anx­i­ety, panic, post-trau­matic stress and ob­ses­sive com­pul­sive dis­or­ders

Anx­i­ety can cause you to feel tight­ness in the chest area which can be very in­tense. It can feel like some­thing bad is go­ing to hap­pen, or you may have a sense of dread. Your heart can race and your head can feel light. Other symp­toms in­clude a feel­ing of panic or panic at­tacks, sweat­ing, sweaty palms, dis­turbed sleep and tense mus­cles. Your sleep can be dis­turbed and you may be tear­ful. You may even think you are go­ing crazy.

Any­one can suf­fer with anx­i­ety dis­or­der. It can hap­pen out of the blue, or it can hap­pen as a re­sult of a stres­sor. Some peo­ple feel they are born anx­ious.

Nat­u­ral reme­dies can help you cope and in­clude B Vi­ta­mins which help sup­port the ner­vous sys­tem, help deal with stress, and can im­prove en­ergy lev­els. Thea­nine can help re­lieve panic at­tacks and help re­lieve anx­i­ety. Pas­sion­flower is a lovely herb that can help with anx­i­ety, sooth­ing the ner­vous sys­tem and help­ing you feel more in con­trol. All three are pro­vided to­gether in a sup­ple­ment called Bal­ance for Nerves, made by Higher Na­ture.

Nat­u­ral reme­dies can help but they may not be the full so­lu­tion to your anx­i­ety dis­or­der. They can ease the symp­toms that you are feel­ing. To fully deal with anx­i­ety you need to watch your diet as caf­feine and al­co­hol can in­crease anx­i­ety lev­els. Ex­er­cise is very im­por­tant. Many peo­ple find that med­i­ta­tion or mind­ful­ness helps. Cog­ni­tive Be­hav­iour Ther­apy can help you find new ways to deal with sit­u­a­tions that cause you anx­i­ety. Coun­selling can also be ben­e­fi­cial.

It’s good to talk. It helps. Talk to a friend, your fam­ily, or there are sup­port groups that can of­fer you ways to cope.

Clair Whitty is a Bach Flower Prac­ti­tioner, Nu­tri­tional Health Coach and Vega Al­lergy Tester based at The Nat­u­ral Health Store, 24 North Main Street, Wex­ford. 053 9121613 | clairm1@eir­

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